A good anti-creationist tee shirt

May 19, 2022 • 9:15 am

While I’m writing a post on free will (up next), I thought I’d show you one of my favorite tee shirts that I chose to wear today. I can’t remember where I got it, but I’m sure you can still order them. It’s a funny one that makes fun of fundamentalist creationists, and I’ll let you figure out what it’s saying. It’s not hard!

“Teach the controversy” was, of course, the mantra of creationists after they failed to get creationism taught in public schools, either as Biblical or “scientific” creationism. They then started saying this mantra, hoping that teachers would think there was a real scientific controversy about whether evolution was true or not. Like all their other machinations, that one failed too.

I’ll leave the rest to you. This is the first time I’ve worn this shirt. I have an aversion to wearing new tee shirts, for fear that they’ll begin to wear out. But that’s stupid because I’m 72, have a gazillion tee shirts, and won’t be around before my collection even begins to wear out.

Anyway, enjoy. Maybe you’ll want one of these:

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      1. What do your asteriks here mean, Mark? Is it the same as quotation marks or different in some way? I’ve snooped around the internet a bit trying to figure out what this — to me anyway — somewhat new use of the asteriks means, which I have occasionally seen of late, but haven’t figured it out yet. I guess I’m rapidly getting older or not as bright as I thought, or probably both. Sorry for being obtuse.

        1. On some sites, that produces bold face, which was my intent. As you see, it didn’t work! I think here, you have to use the “b” tag, which I shall now attempt:

          Is this bold?

  1. Unfortunately, I fear the current Supreme Court will likely allow states to mandate teaching creationism in schools despite settled law.

    1. Some religionists/creationists propose the devil created the fossil record to support evolution/undermine ‘God’s Creation of all creatures’/test their faith in the Biblical story of creation.

  2. How about a tee shirt that says, “In the beginning, God grew out of the universe”? It takes creation out of the mix, and is probably more accurate than what religious people think.

    1. Of course. Can you believe those godless evolutionists claim that you can just put a few hundred yards of cotton thread into a box, shake long enough, and it’ll weave itself into a shirt. With collar, hems, and silkscreen graphics.

  3. Take it from my long dead grandfather, wear your t-shirts! My grandfather died having amassed an impressive, new, still-in-the-original-boxes slippers because he wanted to have them when the old ones wore out but he never got to use them.

  4. It is peculiar, that “teaching the controversy” means reading the invented lucubrations of non-research, non-experimental yet possibly academic output such as Professor Michael Behe, and others – invented for a certain audience – most importantly, not a experimental research audience.

    That is, the “controversy” is not academic, experimentally-focused research discourse, but fantasy tales invented to fit existing, hard-won science.

    1. Compare with real debate in current areas of science :

      cancer biology
      artificial intelligence
      dark matter

      … and on and on.

      those also have “controversy”, in the language from creationism, but in truth it is experimental or theoretical discourse that is, in some view, “up in the air”.

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