Chicago sunsets

May 17, 2022 • 8:00 am

Two evenings ago I took a panoramic view of Chicago from my crib (the pano feature makes the downtown, just left of center, look very small), and decided to post it. (I recently discovered the “panoramic” feature on both my iPhone and my point-and-shoot. This is with the iPhone camera, which is surprisingly good (it’s the one on my newish iPhone 13). Note the rainbow on the right!

I must have had precognition, bcause the next morning I got another sunset photo of Chicago, this time taken by reader John Egloff from Indiana. His notes are indented and the photo is below. Click both photos to enlarge them.

I was at the Annual Indiana Dunes Birding Festival in Chesterton, Indiana this weekend.  Chesterton is about 35 miles southeast of Chicago across Lake Michigan as the crow flies.  From my vantage point in Chesterton on the shore of Lake Michigan there was a spectacular sunset over Chicago on Saturday, so I took a few photos with my pocket camera.  Since I know you occasionally post photos of Chicago, I thought you might be interested in the snapshot of the Chicago skyline that I’ve attached.

No filter of any kind was used for this photo, and the coloration has not been digitally enhanced in any way.   Keep in mind, however, this photo was taken through 35 miles of atmospheric distortion.

4 thoughts on “Chicago sunsets

  1. Ha, ha, ha about the precognition. 🙂 You’re alluding to yourself to test the attentiveness of your readership.

  2. Ahhhhh

    Panoramic has its place, for sure.

    I found use of a short Panoramic sweep to fill out a scene in a way that optical zoom (on iPhone 13) or a complete/large Panoramic sweep can not.

    … now I’m wondering, if Panoramic, as with conventional, can get good starry sky shots… hmmmm….

  3. Gréât photos. You could enter yours into Andrew Sullivan’s View From My Window contest. Why don’t you tell us what us gréât about living in Chicago. I have never been there.

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