Caturday felids: Two reviews of a cat toy (two thumbs down); human/cat bonding; an agile moggy: and lagniappe

April 16, 2022 • 9:45 am

I often count on readers to send cat-related news or items, but that didn’t happen when I was gone, and I didn’t expect it to. The result, though, is that today the Caturday Felid post will be thin. If you see something cool and related to moggies, send me the link.

First, from boingboing, a cat reviews a toy. This is a short video:

If you’ve got your eye on a $25 Pop N’ Play “interactive” toy for your kitty, you might want to check out this cat’s scathing review of it first. No words were needed.

She wasn´t impressed. from aww

Here’s a television review of this toy. The review is also bad. Don’t waste your money! Whoever designed this overengineered it, and may know very little about cats. Didn’t they field-test it?

If you want one of these toys, you can get it for about twenty bucks on Amazon.


Here’s a three-minute video of cats bonding with humans.


Matthew sent me this two-minute tweet showing how agile cats can be. But they can’t squeeze through holes that are too small!

Two more tweets (all from Matthew). The first shows the Unbearable Clumsiness of D*gs.  In the second, we see one exception to cat agility: Cat #3


Lagniappe: This grumpy moggie doesn’t like cups stacked on him. Conclusion from this and the video above: cats prefer to avoid plastic and paper cups. Perhaps that’s why they’re always knocking them on the floor.

h/t: Ginger K; Steve

10 thoughts on “Caturday felids: Two reviews of a cat toy (two thumbs down); human/cat bonding; an agile moggy: and lagniappe

  1. I have had 3 cats in the last 20 years and none liked being picked up and held. All were very affectionate but no picking up from the ground, thank you. So I was amazed to see all the cats reaching up to be picked up. Sweet.

  2. That white cat is beautiful. I don’t have any long hairs, by choice, but that one is gorgeous. Smart too.

    1. I admired both the beauty and the intelligence of the white cat too. Also the agility! And that magnificent snowy ruff!

  3. Those very affectionate cats are lovely and surprised me. They are a good argument for eugenics:
    breed them with each other on a regular basis and maybe we will end up with nothing but affectionate cats. They they can square off with dogs. However, when was the last time you entered our house and your cat came running down the hall, jumped into your arms and licked your face with joy upon your returning? Or the last time you told your cat not to knock things off tables or tear or paper?
    And your cat obeyed that rule forever? And does punishing your cat for doing destructive things
    mean they know it was wrong and dont do it again? Come on, tell the truth

  4. Well, they never learned not to get up on kitchen counters. They did learn not to do it when I could see them.

  5. The beauty and dignity of the white cat (an Angora?) made the cat agility test even more hilarious.

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