30 thoughts on “Set your clocks back tonight: Daylight Savings Time ends

    1. Indeed – I noticed we were getting the Hili’s an hour earlier than usual a few days ago and it took a while before the penny dropped…

    2. I only got round to doing the car’s clock today.
      Then again, it’s the first time I’ve got into the car since the clocks changed.

      1. In the UK, the normal preference would be to have British Summer Time (one hour ahead of GMT) all year round, but the farmers object to having to get up in the dark. This outweighs the statistics that say darker evenings cause more road accidents. And nobody has thought to point out to farmers that they can achieve the same effect as going back to GMT by setting their alarms one hour later.

        1. I suspect this farmer thing is a bit of myth. The advantage (if there is any) is likely with the electricity grid.

          I can remember being in England when they did not change their clocks. If I remember correctly the increased number school aged deaths in the morning was more than offset by the reduction of deaths in the afternoon.

      1. My father said that back when he was a kid [the 1920s], people would say “We’re going back to God’s Time.”

  1. DST ends in much of the US and Canada (but not all! Some of those two countries do not observe DST in the first place!). DST/Summer Time ended in much of Europe last weekend. The EU was set to phase out DST two years ago and was waiting for national ratifications… until the pandemic hit and priorities shifted.

    1. That was one good thing to come out of the pandemic. I think that the handling of this topic is probably the worst thing the EU commission has done. I am sympathetic to abolishing DST and also to letting the people vote on it in a plebiscite, and the result was to stop the switching.


      The “plebiscite” was a non-representative web questionnaire where 95% or whatever of the respondents were from Germany. Easy to vote more than once. And the vote was not to abolish DST, but rather stop the switching. But each country is to decide whether the keep DST or standard time. There are 42 countries in Europe. OK, the questionnaire was just for the EU, but (after Brexit) there are still 27.

      The reason some want to keep DST and some standard time is that the switching is used to counteract the fact that many countries are in the wrong time zone. Spain should be in the same as the UK, but Hitler and Franco wanted to be in the same time zone. So the sensible thing to do would be to have some countries move to the appropriate time zone then have standard time everywhere.

    1. Another title might be

      “Set the clocks back on your oven, VCR, and microwave tomorrow morning when you realize your phone is off by an hour – unless there was a power outage in which case the time will be flashing, or entirely out, so also you need to get your manuals ready”

      … note : the tape decks, 8-tracks, record players, Walkmans (sic) – none had a clock. I think the VCR changed that.

      TL;DR : took me 45 minutes to remember the time is wrong – and I am not in Arizona.

      1. I think that “Walkmans” is correct. Steven Pinker wrote about that. :-). He pointed out that the proper name (pun, as always, intended) for the Canadian hockey team is “Maple Leafs”, not “Maple Leaves”.

        Something similar: why “rat-infested” and “mice-infested”, but not “rats-infested” or “mouse-infested”? Because in compound adjectives the plural is used if it is irregular.

        1. I remember that too!… I put the “sic” in merely to note that it is jarring to read, but correct – yes, like Maple Leafs…. awesome!… sort of…

          … this means, of course, no, I have not changed the clocks on the ovens yet. More important things to do!

        2. “… Because in compound adjectives the plural is used if it is irregular.”

          … that is just sinking in…

  2. Daylight Savings (& Loan?) Time is the bank where I keep all those extra hours I’ve stored up for the past several months. Daylight Saving Time is what ends tonight.

  3. I hate to be a git, but it’s Daylight Saving (singular) Time. Source: NPR and Ye Olde Repository of Knowledge, Wikipedia.

  4. I will give in. . . I will set my clocks from sunshine and happiness . . . back to misery and despair. . . for awhile, anyway. . .

  5. “Daylight Saving Time” is one of those words and phrases I detest*. You don’t save any daylight by putting your clocks forward, you just take some from the morning and put it into the evening.

    Also, we apply daylight saving time when there’s a surplus of daylight, not when there is a shortage. That’s just wrong.

    *Copyright Jerry Coyne

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