Caturday felid unifecta: Free cat art show in L.A.

October 16, 2021 • 9:30 am

I’m running a Caturday felid post with only one item today, as I have three other tripartite posts lined up, but this one is time-sensitive, and if you live in Los Angeles you may want to go.

This is Colossal has announced a free Cat Art Show that runs in Los Angeles between October 14 and 24 at the Golden Pagoda (address here). The work of many artists will be featured, and the pieces are for sale, with 10% of the proceeds going to charity. And ALL THE ART IS OF CAT!

Here’s the announcement and some details:

More than 70 artists feature cats as their muse for a feline-centric group exhibition that scratches well beyond the tropes associated with the frisky creatures. Now in its fourth iteration, the Cat Art Show features sculptures, paintings, collages, and a variety of other works by artists from 16 countries—Ravi Zupa (previously), Lola Dupré (previously), and Aniela Sobieski (previously) are among them—that capture the feisty antics, adorable wide-eyed stares, and stealthy adventures of both domestic and wild breeds. The exhibition is the project of curator and journalist Susan Michals, who also wrote the 2019 book compiling hundreds of photos by cat-enthusiast and photographer Walter Chandoha.

If you’re in Los Angeles, stop by The Golden Pagoda between October 14 and 24 to see the quirky, spirited works in person, and check out the available pieces on Instagram. As with previous shows, 10 percent of all sales will be donated to cat care, with this year’s funds going to Kitt Crusaders, Faces of Castelar, and Milo’s Sanctuary.

The main page for the show also has explains it and enables you to sign up for free tickets (you have to be vaccinated or show a negative Covid test within the last 48 hours). If you go, send photos or report on the show below.

Here’s some of the artwork (and patrons) from previous shows:

The other pictures appear to show that this exhibition draws a big crowd, so go early and often!

h/t: Reese

6 thoughts on “Caturday felid unifecta: Free cat art show in L.A.

  1. If we were in the L.A. area I’m sure we would be going. When we lived in the Bay Area we would go to the cat shows at the Cow Palace. Always a big event.

  2. Currently sitting in the parking lot of the emergency vet. Charming kitty’s right eye looked cloudy last night. Any feline themed good thoughts welcome.

    1. I wish your kitty a good outcome. I spotted one of our cats looking at me with one eye open and the other closed so I’ve been watching to see if there’s a real problem. Not so far as I can tell.

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