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September 29, 2021 • 8:00 am

I’m breaking precedent by putting up two successive posts by one person becaue Tara Tanaka’s new video, filmed four years ago but posted only yesterday, was so charming and amazing, and it shows LOTS OF DUCKS! Thousands of them, all on the wing together, and of three species!  The mallards, of course, are my favorite (Tara said she put in extra shots of mallards for me). With such a density of flying ducks, I wonder how they manage to avoid collisions in the air.  Also, it looks as if they fly segregated by sex, but that may simply be because the drakes are more conspicuous.

Here are Tara’s notes. Be sure to enlarge the video by clicking on the four outward-facing arrows, and put the sound up, as there’s lovely music. Don’t miss this one!

2021-09 Bosque Blast-offs: Pintails, Mallards, Widgen and Shovelers

This was one of the most spectacular wildlife scenes that I’ve ever witnessed. I shot the footage for this video in 2017 at Bosque del Apache NWR, and have been thinking about creating it for four (!) years. It was time.

The experience of watching that many ducks lift off was indescribable, but the music that I chose does the best job of conveying the emotion I felt that can be shared through video.


25 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife video

    1. I’ve received a lot of really nice comments over the years, but I do believe that this is my favorite of all time :-)! Ironically, the only negative comment I can recall was from a woman who couldn’t stand the music I’d chosen. Thanks Ken, I’m going to save this one!

  1. Tara, that is really lovely. What time of year was this. I have been to Bosque del Apache many times and saw a lot of birds including ducks, cranes, snow geese, etc., but have never seen so many ducks at one time.

    1. Thank you John! The flight shots were taken around Nov. 20th, the close ups were taken over a longer period of time from mid-Oct. to late Nov. The large group of ducks were on a pond that is off a road that they only open in late November, north of the entrance station and NW of the flight deck. We were there in 2018 and it wasn’t open yet.

  2. Wow, that is one of the most beautiful wildlife videos I have ever seen. The way you captured the personality of the ducks up close feels so real, it reminded me of watching my d*g and his mannerisms close up in real life. It’s a lovely video, I found it very moving!

    1. Thank you so much! It’s very hard to relate to a bird that’s far away, but when you can see their faces and expressions it brings us so much closer – and my hope is that when people make that connection that they will want to protect them.

  3. This took my breath away. Both the scene of the ducks and the ability to capture it on video are amazing. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. I supposed I could ask here as well; if you’d care to share it, what’s the title of the music you used?

    I’m a fan of epic music and that is a beautiful piece and especially well integrated with the action on the screen (also epic).

    Thank you.

    1. I license all of my music from a site called Composers list pieces there designed just for use in videos, commercials, etc. This piece was just called “Trailer” and was composed by Orchestralis. Integrating the video with the audio is my favorite part – aside from shooting the video!

      1. You’re very welcome! It took me a very long time to find a site that had the music I wanted and could afford. They have great filters to narrow your search, and you can download watermarked versions of a piece you might want to drop into your timeline and see if it works.

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