Reader’s wildlife video

September 28, 2021 • 8:00 am

Tara Tanaka is back with a lovely bird video, which she posted on Vimeo on September 26. It’s of a peripatetic Prairie Warbler (Setophaga discolor), part of whose nonbreeding range is in Florida.  Be sure to enlarge the video (click the start arrow and then the four arrows to the left of “Vimeo”) and turn on the sound.

Here are Tara’s notes:

Two days ago I saw what I thought was our first Prairie Warbler, but I didn’t have binoculars and never got a clear view of the bird’s face. This afternoon I spotted him again, and managed to get some very close video in good light. I haven’t been shooting much video lately, and videoing a fast-moving warbler with manual focus really tests rusty focusing skills. I’ve slowed the video down to half-speed to give viewers a better look at this little beauty. Never having seen one before, I was surprised at how bright his colors were in the fall.


7 thoughts on “Reader’s wildlife video

  1. What a beautiful video and sound, I don’t know how you manage to focus a shy small bird so well, I hardly ever even manage a good picture of geese and ducks ;). All new world birds are a marvel to me.

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