John Oliver on duck stamps

September 27, 2021 • 1:30 pm

Here’s John Oliver this week on Federal Duck Stamps, an American tradition and a requirement for duck hunters (oy!) Oliver seems to be under the impression that all ducks have long corkscrew willies, but he’s wrong. But this is pretty funny, though, describing mutual animosity between duck artists and even submitting his own designs (there’s an annual contest for the stamp’s design, with the latest one required to be in the possession of all duck hunters).


Oliver is actually auctioning off his four designs for duck stamps, and you can see the designs and make your bid here.  First watch the video, then make your bid! (Click screenshot below to enlarge.) One of them is already up to $20,000!


By the way, the Post Office has also issued regular postcards this year (with the “forever” stamp that doesn’t go up in price), and they feature a beautiful mallard drake. But where’s the hen?  A kind reader sent me a fistful of these:


h/t:  Steve, Paul

13 thoughts on “John Oliver on duck stamps

  1. So the duck stamp is an example of good and bad. A lot of money is raised for wet lands and a lot of people go out and hunt ducks.

  2. Norm’s duck design won the three-cent stamp. You might think people don’t use the three-cents much, but whenever they raise the postage people need the little stamps, ’cause otherwise they’re stuck with the old ones:

  3. “Video not available in your country”
    I must admit I was under the same impression that all -or at least most- decks grew this impressive corkscrew penis equivalent every year.
    I think all 5 proposed stamps are great, but I like ‘duck with a pearl earring’ best, however, I think Vermeer was really one of the greatest painters, so I’m not unbiased.

    1. Dropping your daks [ ]
      on the decks exposing your dicks on the docks is only for ducks, I suspect…(No disrespect intended, the typo just made me laugh.) I agree, “duck with a pearl earring” is indeed the best.

      1. Note, it was just an impression, not actual knowledge.
        Leda and the swan *suggests* these long penises are common among anatidae.

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