Readers’ wildlife photos

September 13, 2021 • 8:00 am

Stephen Barnard is back with some photos of the many elk (Cervus canadensis) that frequent his property. His narrative is indented, and you can click on the photos to enlarge them.

This year, because of the drought and irrigation restrictions, I’m not farming my fields across the creek. As an unanticipated result, the elk are there like I’ve never seen before at this time of year. Normally, they show up in October when hunting season starts and they get pushed around. This year they feel safe because there’s no farming activity.

The rut hasn’t started yet. The bulls are mixed together in the herds more-or-less peacefully. When it does start (I’ll hear bugling) there will be fireworks.

17 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

  1. I see one of the does is wearing a tracker Stephen. Are you participating in some research on the movements of the deer?

    1. I didn’t notice that until I looked at the photo. One friend suggested it was her camera, and another suggested she was out on bail waiting trial after January 6. 🙂

    1. Agreed! I see them as our most visible north American megafauna. I don’t know if you ever take Hwy 12 through White Pass, but I love seeing the elk in Packwood. Always worth a spot when they are lounging in front of that motel.

      1. I know of the elk in Packwood, but alas, I’ve never ventured to see them…I think I’d like to go to Stephen’s ranch, instead. heehee 😉

      1. Good to hear, and hopefully the elk don’t get too paranoid by dog barking. I lived next to a cattle ranch, and the cattle (as long as the dogs were blocked by a fence) didn’t seem to mind their barks.

        Thanks again for the photos today, always a treat to see the happenings in your neck of the woods.

  2. Nice proof that all four legs leave the ground when elk jump over irrigation pipe.
    For some reason the last shot shows such a large number of elk that I automatically think “oh good elk aren’t endangered,” as if that was enough to do the job nation wide. But it is a lovely shot.

  3. Beautiful animals and excellent images. I cannot understand how people would want to shoot them with anything other than a camera. Thank you, Stephen.

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