5 thoughts on “Bill Maher show back up; watch ASAP

  1. No comments on the Maher show? He does way too much talking when he has guest on. Bill should learn the difference between standup and guest time. New Rules is always the best part.

  2. Bill Maher hurts my brain. He is so perceptive and articulate when it comes to culture and politics but every time he opens his gaping maw about medicine or science he manages to put BOTH feet in it.

    A few months ago on his opening 1 on 1 interview he had a notorious anti-vaxer on – and AGREED with him. It broke my heart. And other things he shoots his damn mouth off about medicine are almost always wrong (except he is a stoner which I do respect).

    What gives? “G” – or general intelligence / IQ / analytic skills are SUPPOSED to function across all areas so how can somebody be so damn smart in several areas and so unutterably dumb in others?


  3. A worthwhile episode, thanks for sharing. Best part though was Carville saying “I’m all ears” 🙂 🙂

  4. Very good episode. The “take me to your leader” joke at the end is sadly all too true, of course – it comes to something when a literal space alien invasion couldn’t unite the US!

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