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May 24, 2021 • 8:00 am

Travel counts as wildlife, so remember that when you send in your good photos. Today’s contributor is regular Joe Routon, whose captions are indented. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

here are a few of my international street shots. In Tokyo, here’s a kannushi, a Shinto priest, who’s burning incense. The use of incense in worship was developed in China and eventually carried to Japan in the 6th century.

A group of Buddhist monks on holiday in India.


In Florence, Italy, with the Ponte Vecchio in the background, this shows a nontraditional stance for photographers.


A tarantula seller in Cambodia, where fried tarantulas are a delicacy. On the street you can buy them plain or rolled in garlic or sugar. I tried one plain and regretted it.

A popular board game in China is Xiangqi, their version of chess. Instead of bishops, knights, pawns and the like, Xiangqi has cannons, chariots, and elephants. As in chess, the object is to capture your opponent’s king.

Here are young Buddhist monks in Myanmar who are performing ablutions before their one daily meal.

Returning to the US of A, here are a father and son who have just completed the Rocky run up the Museum of Art steps in Philadelphia.

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  1. Re the tarantula seller: between Pnomh Penh and Siem Reap is a market that sells all sorts of invertebratetes for food. The first photo shows scorpions. The second shows several species (including tarantulas); the pale ones in the forground are silkworm grubs.

      1. Well, that was a failure. How does on submit photos?

        The links posted (“file:///home/richard/Documents/My%20Pictures/Cambodia_Photos_2019/HS-50/DSCF0688.JPG
        file:///home/richard/Documents/My%20Pictures/Cambodia_Photos_2019/HS-50/DSCF0689.JPG”) are for files on your local file system. Generally you need to firstly upload your files (photos, whatever) to a location with an internet address, then post a link to that internet address. There are a bucketload of sites that will host files, under various terms & conditions. (I was considering whether or not my subscription to Flickr is worth the fee earlier today ; I also have an account (free) on, and a couple of others.)

        For RWP, PCC(E) seems to accept emails with a bunch of photos attached, but that can become an issue when there are lots. Follow the “Research Interests” link near the top of the page to find his address.

    1. When presented with fried tarantulas during a climbing expedition on Roraima (“the Lost World”, not that Conan Doyle ever saw it), the indomitable Don Whillans described it as looking and tasting like half-dried snot; Brown shut up and ate diplomatically, and the Fox, being the Fox, was somewhere else.

  2. Very nice photos. Were these photographed in color and converted? I’m curious because I noticed that the Florence photo had a subtle sepia tone.

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