More death on Botany Pond

May 9, 2021 • 7:34 am

I regret to inform you that Honey has lost two more ducklings. I found two small fluffy bodies on the North Duck Island this morning. I don’t know if they were pecked to death or suffered from inclement weather (it’s cold and rainy). This is a devastating loss as I thought the ducks had reached a detente yesterday, though it could be the weather.

That’s all I have to say. My beloved hen has only four tiny babies, and who knows if they’ll survive?

All of Dorothy’s ten appear to be alive.

18 thoughts on “More death on Botany Pond

  1. I’m sorry to hear that. It’s got to be tough to be so close to the situation and not be able to prevent the deaths. I hope the ducklings will soon reach a size where they won’t be attacked by Dorothy.

  2. This is just horrible… we need some good news from the Pond, and it can’t come too soon. 😢

  3. Oh no! Poor Honey and her little ducklings – this has been a brutal duck season so far; I just hope that the worst is now behind for the intrepid Team Duck.

  4. Hard news – still there are tiny ducks that need help – gotta take those painful moments full on, and also intensify focus on those little ones out there – not easy – best wishes

  5. On a very personal note, I want to express my very deepest sympathy to you, Jerry, for these devastating loses. I have been reading your messages every day of my life for years now. You are an import part of my every day. (And I enthusiastically second 95% of everything you’ve ever said or written in your life). But I have never posted here before. Had to do so today because I feel so very, very sorry and sad for you. You were soooo adorable with those little ones. So sorry, too, of course, for the precious little beings who died for no good reason before they had a chance to live.


    Barbara Dority

  6. How awful. It makes me wonder. Is Honey losing her mothering skills? I would have thought she’d protect them and keep them warm. It is suspicious that Dorothy still has all ten of her ducklings.

  7. What a cruel blow on this Mother’s Day or any other day. No doubt many hearts are breaking and wanting to know what happened. Did any see the dastardly deed on the duckcam? I can’t help pinning this on Dotty.

  8. Sorry for you loss Jerry. It was devastating to hear of the death of two more of your treasured ducklings. I hope that the rest of the ducklings survive to adulthood. Take care mate.

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