Photos from my constitutional

April 18, 2021 • 3:15 pm

Here are two photos from my afternoon walk through Hyde Park.

Why is the street in front of our local shopping center lined with garbage trucks? I suspect it’s to form a barricade in case of rioting over the shooting of Adam Toledo, 13, by a cop several weeks ago. The bodycam footage was released by the city on Thursday, and one could interpret it as the shooting of an unarmed suspect whose hands were up. It in fact was such a shooting, but it happened so fast (less than a second) that it’s not clear whether the cop violated protocol

Something not scary but sweet: a three legged dog being taken for a walk by its three-legged owner. It had trouble walking and was probably old, as it had to stop and rest every minute or so. The patient owner rested, too. How nice to save an animal like this!

10 thoughts on “Photos from my constitutional

    1. I wonder if it’s easier to be a front wheel or a rear wheel 3-wheeler. The front has the head, so extra weight there, but the back seems to be the locomotive engine, the front steering. Who knows? But yes, I’ve known a couple 3-legged dogs (both with front legs missing) and they were absolutely sound. I’ve never met a dog w/o a hind leg.

      1. I think I’ve seen a back leg missing, but I may be wrong. Cats, too. My daughter has a kitty whose back legs don’t straighten so he hops kind of like a bunny.

        1. There have been a couple of successful “one-sided” dogs where front and back leg were removed on one side, due to neglect or cruelty Both were young dogs, and did fine.

  1. I hope you’re wrong about the garbage trucks (although I suspect not). Lovely to see the two three-legged companions.

    1. Perhaps there was a lot of rubbish being removed from somewhere?

      The policeman in this case does not seem to have been malicious, but does seem to put his own safety above that of others. Surely a warming shot would come first?

      A friend whose dad was a policeman in St. Louis I think, apparently never fired a shot in his police career.

    1. At least doctors have years and years of training and practice before being allowed to work in the field. Too bad our police folk don’t undergo any real rigorous training- it’s all a thin veneer (at least that’s what I’m starting to believe from mundane research, and the body-cam proof doesn’t help the case for cops).

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