3 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ morality

  1. There’s something that’s always bothered me about religious people’s claim that if we didn’t get our morals from an absolute, external source, we would descend into moral relativism, where no behavior would be off limits for us. We can agree that rape, torture, mass murder are despicable crimes. Except, of course, that the religious carve out a major loophole: when their god does them, or when the god’s followers do them at his command, then they’re not just proper, they’re obligatory. I say those things are always wrong, period. So who’s the moral relativist now?

  2. Not a great ‘burn’ against religion, simply because most humans (religious or no) have exactly this same attribution bias. Theist, atheist, we all think we ourselves are sufficiently moral as to not need a check but are suspicious that others are not as good as us. The atheist version of “without God, we’d all go raping and pillaging” is: “of course *I* don’t need the police to stop me from committing crimes. But other people do.”

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