Spot the caterpillar!

March 16, 2021 • 8:45 am

Here’s a tweet containing a photo that itself contains a caterpillar. Can you spot it? I’ll put the enlarged photo below:

I can’t be sure about this—the mimicry is fantastic—but I’ve circled the putative caterpillar in the reveal below. Click on “read more”:

Okay, I’ve put what I think is the caterpillar between the two arrows (thanks to Matthew for sending the tweet).



11 thoughts on “Spot the caterpillar!

  1. I was thinking the lowest branch by the wrong end of the lower arrow. The little lowest branch looks like it has feet to hold onto the larger branch.

  2. I immediately looked for a clear demarcation between stick and stick to start – viz., feet. The lower one looks clearly like cute caterpillar piggies gripping the branch. That is, unlike any other tree branch segment-to-segment joint.


  3. After blowing it up, I have changed my initial color-based agreement with your arrows, and agree with the others about the feet of the lower branch gripping the stalk.

  4. Its texture gave the animal away. But I remain clueless about its shape and can’t make out its heads or tails.

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