Caturday felids: The Great Cat site

January 2, 2021 • 9:15 am

Today we have just one item, but it’s a website that you can peruse for hours. I’ve consulted the wonderful site The Great Cat for a while, mostly to see cats in art, but haven’t called attention to its depth and variety. Click on the screenshots to go to the site.

Note that in this thin strip is a buttload of information:

Here are all the links, and I’ll give one item from each:

Cat Breeds and Species:

Cat History:

For example:

The Cat in Art and Photos (this is the best one, with a gazillion pieces of cat art)

One Japanese example:

Famous Cats

There’s a list of famous cats. Here’s one I saw: Gli, the resident cat of the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul:

I saw Gli and fed her in 2008 (I was carrying a box of dry cat food in my daypack). Sadly, Gli died last year at 15.

Istanbul Blue mosque cat

Famous Cat Lovers (under construction)

Stories, Poems, and quotations

For example:

Cats in Film

Cat Book Reviews


News and Product Reviews This includes a shop with nifty cat gifts. There are 41 pages of cat goodies, including this one:


8 thoughts on “Caturday felids: The Great Cat site

  1. Don’t forget that the most famous cat of all at least in terms of History was called nodge Jim and it was the first cat to have a name and it was the priest for the Pharaoh during the reign of thutmose III and it was on steelae in his Temple that this cat was named but it is in the Guinness book of world record is the first cat to ever be named

    1. *Nadjem so sorry. I think I actually learned that from Peter dorman when I was in fifth grade and I have remembered it and retained that information since and that was back in 1995

  2. Fantastic.

    By the way, did I find this Kitten Academy live cam here a long while back or did I find it on my own? Here you go:

  3. On Hagia Sophia’s Gli of blessed memory: I speak Turkish, and her name does not mean what the newspaper article says (‘union of of love’, really, I don’t know who makes these things up). It’s from French gri, ‘gray’, turned to Gli in a colloquial Turkish cat name mispronunciation. What a good idea to carry cat food on a visit to Istanbul, the city of free yet cared for cats!

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