Readers’ Christmas photos

December 25, 2020 • 11:00 am

Well, we got a veritable clowder of cat photos yesterday as well as quite a few non-cat photos—all with a holiday theme. I present them proudly as our Official Christmas Post. Readers’ captions are indented, and thanks to all the readers who participated. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

First is our own Matthew Cobb, who sent a photo and his daughter’s Christmas paintings.

Me and Ollie. He is on two boxes on top of a cupboard so I am standing on a chair…

And some lovely cards. As Matthew reports:
Ho ho ho; merry Xmas etc. These are Xmas card portraits of our cats, painted by my daughter Eve. Left to right they are Ollie, Harry and Pepper, and were cards for me, Tina, and Lauren respectively [JAC: Tina is Matthew’s wife; Lauren his other daughter]:

And Greg Mayer’s famous “philosophical cat”.
Here’s a picture of Peyton’s last Christmas, 2019.

 Greg’s first Christmas without Peyton, 2020.😥

From Robin:

This beautiful feline graces our home in all seasons (But no, she is not levitating. The table is glass. Sent by her staff, Robin Branch in Boca Raton FL, where we hear it will be a record-setting 44 degrees on Christmas morning.

From Peter Lindsay:

In response to your call for holiday-themed photos I am sending you this photograph of my now departed – but not forgotten – Bengal cat Taz. He had a particular fondness for festive table decorations, probably because they complemented his splendid markings.

From Elizabeth Grisham:

This is Gidget napping under the tree.

From reader Jez:

Here’s a photo of my daughter Ana and our cat Marcus Clawrelius (Pretentious? Moi? – although I suppose he should temporarily be Santa Clawsrelius for the Christmas holidays) taken after our tree was decorated earlier in the month.

From Reese Vaugn:

Razzberry gave us a dead rat this morning for Christmas, though somehow I doubt cats are Christians. Do you know how hard it is to stage a Cat photo?

A Christmas bird card from Colin Franks:

From Gregory James:

I don’t have a cat. And don’t really have any holiday photos including myself to offer. But I’ll offer you this “Silent Night” picture should you ever need a bit of filler material. It was taken on Good Hope Island in the Milwaukee River where a few friends gather in pandemic times to drink a beer or two, distant from one another. It has been, for my wife and myself, a balm during this year’s plague. In the summer it was light when we met. Now we meet in the dark,  with many layers of clothing. We will toast in 2021 here next Thursday evening. A better year is coming after this dark winter.

From Kevin McCarthy:

Here is Cookie who has claimed the Christmas tree. Even when it’s fully decorated, she still climbs it. I just can’t get a good picture of her like that.

From Wendy Chandler:

Here’s my Christmas cat. He died a few years ago at 19 years old.  His name was Kokomo.

From Merilee:

My granddaughter kissing an alpaca. Taken about a month ago at a local tiny petting zoo. The little monkey kissed the alpaca(?) on the mouth before my daughter could intervene, but managed to get the cute shot.

From Mark Sturtevant:

This is our Xmas tree topper. Many people will recognize it from a certain long-running sci-fi series.

From Lorraine:

I hope this photo is useable. They’re of my d*gs Ginger (brown) and Titan (black). They’re both Chihuahua mixes–Ginger also has Pomeranian and Pekinese + Ceiling Cat knows what else, while Titan is about half Jack Russell and half Chihuahua. They are both rescues from a wonderful no-kill shelter in Virginia called Paws for Seniors.

They try to take mostly senior cats and dogs who have been given up or abandoned, but they take younger ones, as well. Ginger was given up when she was 2 by an elderly man who had to move to assisted living and couldn’t take her. Titan was feral with his entire family and was trapped and brought to the shelter when he was about 8  months old. Their foster families who volunteer are the best. These guys are amazing and I’m so lucky to have found them.

From Robie Mason-Gamer:

I have always had cats, but not many pictures with a Christmas theme, so this picture is old.
The best time for cats is after the gifts are opened, when they can play in the boxes and paper. This is Braveheart, a cat-from-the-past, who looks a little like Hili. She is completely relaxed here, even though she is closely watched by leopards, a cougar, and a very menacing bear.

William and Sara Meyer sent a picture of their cat Manny:

Manny is our beautiful bruiser.  He’s a 16-pounder!  All muscle though.  And smart too.  He has a toy that I hide in the basement somewhere (in a bag, in the rafters, under an old easy chair, tied up to the ceiling) and he retrieves it for food and attention.  He and his sister JeJe are both good mousers too.  Both are rescues; Manny from a shelter and JeJe straight from the streets.  They’re the only gifts we need under our tree.

From Rik Gern, who moonlights as a clown:

Got no religion, but I’m a sentimental fool when it comes to the holidays. Nothing puts me in the spirit more than smiling children, so here is a picture of my alter ego filling in for Santa at a day-care photo shoot. I think I had as much fun as the kids that day.

From reader Simon:

This is the best I can do. Pachaca says it’s her nineteenth Christmas, the novelty has worn off, and she’s beyond posing!

From Daniel Sharp in Edinburgh:

Season’s Greetings! Here is a festive feline-themed picture. It shows me holding my cat Molly by the Christmas tree- it’s not a very flattering portrait of me, or the best picture generally, but Molly doesn’t like being held too much or for very long so it’s the best we could do!

Longshan sent a photo all the way from China:

Merry Christmas. This is Chichi, my Devon Rex cat.

From Paul Turpin:

Apollo on my lap eyeing me, thinking it’s about time for supper.

From Linda Mercer, we have a photo of her cat Bella Diva:

Find the kitty elf!

A good Jewish cat from Rachel Sperling.

This is Lloyd. He’s thirteen years old, and the bow tie was originally his bar mitzvah outfit, but it certainly works for Hanukkah as well. Lloyd is an extremely picky eater and he’s kind of whiney, but for the most part he’s a gentle fellow who easily befriends humans, dogs, and other cats (except his little sister).

A sad photo from Mark Perew:

This is Houdini.  He’s 13 and he rescued me 9 years ago.  Houdini has cholangiocarcinoma, an aggressive cancer of the bile ducts.

This is almost certainly Houdini’s last Christmas.

From Fran X:

Attached is our 5 year old Lily enjoying some Christmas Eve warmth.

From Divy, her cat Jango, “in an elf suit, paralyzed.”

From Scott G.

Today my son Marc, painted a Christmas tree to decorate the door his bedroom.  He likes squares (thank you blue tape) and multi-colored trees.  The cats are as requested.  You’ve met Kitty before (his right shoulder), but Charley is a new addition, and the focus of his life. (Kitty doesn’t seem to mind Emoji)
I couldn’t tell you about the Reindeer…

From Terry:

Ruby climbs our damn tree every day. It’s hers now 🙂

From Joe Dickinson:

Here is our previous dog, Ruby, wondering what she is expected to do with her Christmas toy.

From David Jorling:

I didn’t think I would have one for you, but just a few moments ago, lo and behold, our cat Mia was on Santa’s lap.  Had I placed her there she would have immediately jumped off.

From Zack:

Here is my submission for your website, Samwise. He is a big fan of christmas donuts.

Bryan Lepore made some art for Christmas:

 I present a piece of art I made for the holiday on which Issac Newton was born in 1642

It started by making stained glass art using paper towel and typical “schoolroom” (?) markers. Readers might try this, putting the designs in the window. It is very easy and satisfying! Use black for the lines between the colors.

The piece I show uses paper towel colored with “schoolroom” markers but I went another level with a black paper mask, using X-acto knife cutouts and punched holes. The piece is on a sunny window. The screen can be perceived in the lit areas.

From David Aylesworth:

This is Hamilton, taking another holiday nap.

Finally, a Christmas mouse from Katey:

This is not a very good picture, but it was a quick bit of fun I had with my (rein)deer mouse, Cricket. I rescued him as a baby as he has some neurological condition that would mean he would not survive for very long in the wild (he is very slow and wobbly). He is a lovely little creature, and more affectionate than any domesticated mouse I’ve ever had as a pet. I love him dearly.
To celebrate Cricketmouse you must open a hazelnut with your teeth 🙂


32 thoughts on “Readers’ Christmas photos

    1. Some very nice photos and many thanks to the cats and dogs. Love the PJs. You know George and Martha had a Tom Cat named Hamilton…

    1. I was listening to BBC Radio 4 this morning, and someone said that he had a model Richard Dawkins on the top of his tree. That I would like to see. Joke or not, could it start a trend of famous atheist tree decorations?

  1. Happy Holidays to all! Great photos and great critters. It’s always fun to see fellow WEIT fans.
    I’m glad to see a mouse joined in the festivities too. Thank you for a wonderful post.

  2. So many lovely cats and d*gs (not to forget the alpaca and Cricket the mouse)! And Eve’s cat portraits are wonderful!

    Poor Houdini, I hope he manages a miraculous escape.

  3. My heart goes out to Houdini and his Staff. Wonderful photos from fellow animal lovers and many thanks to Dr Coyne for including my very tardy submission of Cricket’s photo. I am glad for the opportunity to share him with others!

    1. Slow and wobbly he may be, but I bet he was one creature stirring last night.
      You have a kind heart to have created a home for him.

      1. Indeed, but he is rather quiet about it compared to the 6 other deer mice I look after who also can’t live wild for other reasons! And as WEIT readers know, I had no choice but to help him. But I like to think he helps me too.

  4. Very impressed by Divy, who managed to get her cat in an elf suit! If you make this an annual feature I may try it next year, but not with Razz.

  5. Most accurate use of the word “clowder” I have ever seen…

    This is also the FIRST use of the word “clowder” I have ever seen…

    and the first DAY OF MY LIFE to have ever been aware of the word “clowder”… was probably suddenly hungry for a hearty creamy stew if I ever saw it before…

  6. Such wonderful pictures! But “Marcus Clawrelius”? That’s a family I’d really want to dine with! I said Bertrand Russell is my favorite philosopher the other day, but I didn’t mention that he was tied with Marcus Aurelius. Meditations has helped me through many a difficult time in my life. If only we could be guaranteed leaders as wise and thoughtful as he was.

    Anyway, merry Christmas, y’all!

  7. I must have stared at that Dr. Who Christmas Tree Angel for 5 minutes, And I did not blink once. Not once, And the the fact that I can post a comment about not blinking once proves that I did not blink once.

  8. After I skimmed the cats (pun intended) I welcomed the Potoo.
    The potoo is of course what is sometimes known as a goatsucker. It is related to Whippoorwills and Nighthawks as well as the Paraque (whose call resembles our Whippoorwill’s), but is by far the most disguised, looking like tree bark and perched straight up on a tree trunk or log where it is barely detectable. In this case it is out in broad daylight somewhere in the tropics, on a farm post, and amazingly tame. This looks like the Giant Potoo to my eyes (there is a smaller Common Potoo) but I cant be sure. Its gape is of course very wide, the better to ingest flying insects at night. It also has one of the most endearing calls, a kind of resigned and mournful series of descending single notes, sort of Ho ho ho hum hum, descendiing down the scale, as if they were turning in for the night. You can check it out on the web. I have seen the Potoo in Brazil and Ecuador, once in the daytime out on the top of a tall tree in a valley.

  9. “To celebrate Cricketmouse you must open a hazelnut with your teeth”

    I’m going to need Katey’s email address. I am a very literal person and will soon have some dental bills that I would like to send her.

    I’m sure Houdini had a lovely final Christmas. Remember, it may have been only thirteen years, but the thirteen years he had couldn’t have been happier for him 🙂 It’s always difficult to lose our beloved masters, but the burden is lessened when we remember just how much better their lives were because of our love for them.

      1. Oh well excuuuuse me, but I know a lawyer and he said that this is totally not true. I called him because what you said sounded like it was probably true but it isn’t. I will take this to court and I will spend an unreasonable amount of money litigating it that will far surpass any dental bills I might have. Hopefully, someone will have learned a lesson by the end of it (that someone is unlikely to be me).

        Sorry, kind of drunk on Chinese food and whiskey. My immediate family and I all got COVID tests in the last two days so we could spend tonight together. Merry Christmas!

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