13 thoughts on “WordPress problems

  1. Yes, the elusive ‘Like’ buttons are back in today’s Hili, but I thought the problem was something at this end.

    1. I found that I could comment but I had to keep filling in my personal info. Chrome’s autofill made that pretty easy though. I tried logging into WordPress but that didn’t help the personal info issue but did give me like buttons. I was viewing it directly in the browser, not using the WordPress reader.

      1. I’m viewing this now using the WordPress viewer but in my browser, not on my phone. I prefer to use my WordPress account because Jerry has already authorised it and it links back to my blog.

  2. WordPress is suddenly requiring me to fill out my name and email every time I comment, instead of remmebering me like before…

    My foundation’s website also got damaged by WordPress changes last month. The editing program changed so that things which used to be easy are now very complicated. I really hate WordPress. A decent company would warn its clients in advance that it was going to mess with everything, and it should give the option to opt out.

    Unfortunately I don’t know of any decent company doing this kind of thing.

    1. Some years ago, it remembered my name and email info, but for the last couple of years since one of the weit updates, i have had to fill that info everytime. Maybe it will flip back again?

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