A prediction that is mine. . .

November 5, 2020 • 9:07 pm

As I retire early, I predict that by Friday noon, both Georgia and Pennsylvania will have gone for Biden. You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see which way the votes are coming in. The final count: 306 Electoral College votes for Biden.

I may be slightly off, but I won’t be wrong in predicting a Biden/Harris victory.

The election will be over and Trump will begin his tantrums and lawsuits. For the rest of us, I ask that the naysayers allow us at least a brief moment to celebrate the defenestration of an unhinged narcissist before they begin wailing over a Republican Senate and the inevitable deadlock.

Good night—for America. 

32 thoughts on “A prediction that is mine. . .

  1. I don’t think you meant “306 electoral college votes for Trump”. More importantly, however, while this election may rid us of Trump himself, it won’t have gotten rid of Trumpism. I can easily see younger (and smarter) GOP politicians seeing it as a winning playbook and following it assiduously. And I am sorry to say that it could be a successful strategy. Let’s think about this over the coming months.

    1. I hope Biden will rebuild some goodwill for civility over his first term. This may make a loudmouth con man seem less appealing. I hope.

    2. I don’t know…it’s such a cult of personality, and for them, Trump is a unique personification of fame, opulence, success and tough-guy bravado (remember his followers don’t see his narcissism, sociopathy, pathological lies, bigotry/misogyny, con-man ruse etc.) . I just don’t think anyone else will galvanize the cult like he can- they’re his. Cultists don’t go from one leader to another, they follow THE ONE to the bitter end. He might come back in 2024 much older and not wiser, after he’s had 4 years of bitching and moaning and trying to create chaos from the outside; he might even start his own network to maintain his manic grievances. Let’s hope the normal media doesn’t continue covering every goddamn word he says as if he’s actually saying stuff. I’m not saying Trumpism will go away, or the ugliness he stirred up, I’m just saying I doubt there is an heir apparent to keep the cult on fire.

      1. “Let’s hope the normal media doesn’t continue covering every goddamn word he says as if he’s actually saying stuff.”

        Hoping also that the ratings-obsessed media moth is not much attracted to the Orange Flim-Flam Flame.

      2. Great comment.

        I’m having fun paraphrasing your post with substitutions: “a unique personification of frame, corpulence, sex abuser, snake oil salesman, carpet-bagger, braggart and bullshit artist.”

        His followers are a study in delusional thinking, willful blindness, willful ignorance and intellectual dishonesty.

        1. I like your adjectives…a bit more biting than mine, but accurate.

          His followers are indeed delusional…and deplorable. Too bad the “basket” is a bad description for just how many of them are out there. Who knows what this new reality will do to their fragile and fearful psyches.

  2. “…before they begin wailing over a Republican Senate and the inevitable deadlock.”

    I’ve been reading that President Biden¹ could overcome this by appointing some Republican senators to Cabinet offices or other positions in his administration. This will look like really nice bipartisanship, but if those senators come from states like Wisconsin with Democratic governors, they could appoint Dem replacements. This could whittle the R majority down to a 50-50 tie, with President of the Senate Harris as the tiebreaking vote, or even make it a 49-51 R minority. It would be a clever move and would make McConnell king of the mud.

  3. Yes, the 306 for Biden is the result of all of the remaining except N.C. going for him, as is the most likely possibility.

    In another thread, I mentioned that since Drumpf got only 304 last time, he will have lost the total in E.C. for the 2016 and 2020 combined. What a bloody complete loser. All else is meaningless, right Donald?

    Right now, Drumpf has only one way to win, so to speak, winning both biggies and one of AZ or NEV. But he’d tie at 269 if Biden won Georgia only. Otherwise, and certainly, LOSER.

    1. Tie goes to House of Rep’s, but each state gets only one vote, so trump wins. Fortunately, that’s the least likely outcome next to Trump sweeping all remaining states.

  4. In January there will be two senate runoff elections in Georgia. There will be a lot of money spent on them. It seems unlikely, but the Democrats may take the senate yet.

  5. I tried posting this before, but the comment went to moderation, and hasn’t showed up yet. I’ve been reading and hearing several pundits floating the possibility that President Biden¹ could solve senate gridlock by appointing a few Republican senators to posts in his cabinet or elsewhere in his administration. If those senators accept their posts, and if they just happen to come from states with Democratic governors who would appoint D’s to replace them, he could whittle the R majority down to a 50-50 tie (with President of the Senate Harris to break those ties) or even a 49-50 or less minority. That would also pull McConnel’s teeth and make him king of the mud.

    P.S.: my apologies if this becomes a duplicate.

    ¹It feels so good to type that!

    1. Georgia Senate races will be in runoff. There’s some hope there, although, the same folks voting are pretty *lurch* conservative.

  6. Maybe we can now start to speculate on what the Trump Presidential Library is going to look like? I’m predicting a lot of glass and shiny stuff and shelves loaded with endless copies of ‘The Art of the Deal’.

    I would also imagine that an awful lot of documents that might actually have been of interest to scholars and…er…detectives will get shredded or wiped before they ever get near a public archive.

  7. From the BBC:

    “The Trump campaign is on the lookout for a public face to lead its legal battles in key states – and says it wants a “James Baker-like” figure.

    Baker was the former secretary of state who led the legal and political team during the Florida recount battle of 2000 that secured the presidency for George W Bush.

    One name that’s been floated for the role is Jay Sekulow, Trump’s personal attorney who also represented him during his impeachment trial in the Senate.

    But what does Baker himself make of this? Well, he says there are “huge differences” between 2000 and 2020.

    “For one thing, our whole argument was that the votes have been counted and they’ve been counted and they’ve been counted, and it’s time to end the process. That’s not exactly the message that I heard on election night,” Baker says.

    “We never said don’t count the votes. That’s a very hard decision to defend in a democracy.”

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