Halloween special: elephants

October 20, 2020 • 2:45 pm

Here’s a treat: giant elephant eating hypertrophied pumpkins. They are, of course, Asian elephants (ears are small), Elephas maximus.

The caption from the Oregon Zoo:

Visitors watched some of the world’s largest land animals demolish a couple of the area’s largest pumpkins at 11 a.m. Friday, Oct. 18, during the Oregon Zoo’s annual Squishing of the Squash.

“Our elephant family got one 800-pound pumpkin and another 600-pound one to stomp on, play with and munch on,” said Bob Lee, who oversees the zoo elephant area.

. . . .The giant pumpkins for this year’s Squishing of the Squash were provided by Pacific Giant Vegetable Growers Club members Larry and Christy Nelson of Albany, Ore. Enrichment items such as pumpkins help keep the zoo’s animals mentally and physically stimulated.

8 thoughts on “Halloween special: elephants

  1. Looks like they love pumpkin. We watched elephant in Africa pulling down 25 foot tall trees to eat the roots. Fascinating.

  2. After cats (of all kinds), I think elephants might be my favorite animals. Their intelligence and social structures/interactions are worthy of far more study. They’re endlessly fascinating.

    1. Don’t know if you have Netflix but I recommend you and anyone else interested, “My Octopus Teacher” a Doco/ drama, yes indeed, drama, a wonderful true life story.

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