New MIT all-stars course on coronavirus and the pandemic starts TOMORROW (one hour per week)

August 31, 2020 • 9:00 am

Reader Andrea sent me a note about a new online course at MIT, one that you can watch for free. It starts tomorrow morning, and note that class times given are Eastern US times. It’s just one hour per week, and is likely worth your while.

Here’s the announcement, and notice all the Big Guns who are lecturing (click on screenshot to go to the page):


More information:

The class will run from September 1, 2020 through December 8, 2020 and begin each Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. ETSee the syllabus for lecture details.

How to watch it. The place where you go to watch the livestream is here, but you have to type in a password:

The class is open to allMIT students, as well as any eligible cross-registered students. The live stream will be available to the public, but only registered students may ask questions during the Q&A. To view the live stream, click on this link and type in the password: mit-covid. Miss a class? You’ll be able to view a video of the lecture on this page.

David Baltimore, Eric Lander, Anthony Fauci as guest speakers—how can you go wrong?

3 thoughts on “New MIT all-stars course on coronavirus and the pandemic starts TOMORROW (one hour per week)

  1. Thanks for the heads up jerry. I can also recommend “This Week in Virology” (TWiV), a passive zoomcast at Theyare doing two episodes a week recently with discussion between several research virologists led by vince racanieelo of columbia university. Each episode lasts two hours or so but can be watched over several shorter viewing sessions. Drs fauci and mina have been recent guests. In addition to the research virologists, dr dan griffen, a clinical md working in the ny tristate area, provides a 30 – 60 minute clinical update each week. Some of the discussion is beyond me, a retired engineer, but i generally understand 70-90%…well worth the time!

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