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August 29, 2020 • 7:45 am

Since I’m including Homo sapiens as “wildlife” now (we are a species on the planet), I will accept good photos of human beings in this feature. After seeing the excellent people photos of Joe Routon, Joe Dickinson submitted his own collection. Joe D.’s captions are indented:

This and several following photos are from a trip to India about seven years ago, guided by my sister-in-law who had spent a year there as a youngster when my father-in-law was setting up the first computer center in India.  (My wife and I “house sat” for their home in Berkeley for the first year of our marriage.)  She (my sister-in-law) returned to India for at least a year on two occasions, teaching at a well-known school for international students.  I visited her there when attending an International Congress of Genetics  (1972?) in Delhi .  [JAC: I was at that Congress too, but I think it was after 1972.]

Here is the happy couple from a wedding taking place at the hotel we were staying in.

Some young Muslim women in a market.

Now we jump back to Africa, near Lake Victoria.

Some ladies demonstrating spinning and weaving methods in the Chilean Andes.

And me, back in the boat after some snorkeling in French Polynesia.



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  1. Wonderful photos, Joe! There aren’t many countries that provide such great opportunities for people photos as India does. My compliments! I look forward to seeing more of your excellent pictures.

  2. The photo of the boy with the fish takes me back to when I was 16 years old. My family moved to Kampala and one of the more vivid memories I have is of tilapia from Lake Victoria being brought to our home by guys on bicycles with baskets. I remember it being pan fried and extremely good.

  3. hi jerry

    almost all of my photos are landscapes, but here are a few portraits. let me know if there are quality issues

    i lived in beijing for several years, did a project on the three gorges dam. went to iran in 2005 to photograph for a project on ‘rituals’, some of the tibet photos were for that

    most of these photos were taken with a 4×5 field camera. i did the processing, printing

    a boy at a tibetan buddhist festival

    this is a statue of a person; some ’siddhartha’ guy, does that count?

    this is a living buddha, kan da in qinghai, china. he’s standing where 400 years ago, a monk sat for 60 days, taking no food, no water, then turned into a crow and flew away. apparently this has fallen out of favor, no recent instances to report.

    tibetan girls

    monks in a tibetan monestary lighting yak butter lamps.

    buddhist monk with prayer beads

    young monks, prayer drums

    tibetan cowgirl. yakgirl, i suppose

    mid-day nap, mosque, yazd, iran

    woman, shiraz mosque

    girls, nasial mosque, iran

    woman in alley, yazd iran

    meat cart, china

    mother and child, wu gorge, china

    workers, qutang gorge, china

    reading in fengjie china

    “the people of fengjie welcome you’ (on the bag); fengjie was demolished for the three gorges dam project

    square, fengjie

    old man, peisha

    boatman, madu river, china

    xu jie, qutang gorge china

    yeye (grandmother) and baby, peisha village

    intrepid photographer trying to figure out what these buttons do


  4. ” … … happy couple ? ” Likely as not, n o t.

    Arranged mawwiages in to which the woman of it
    has very, very little input.

    Many such couplings seem, for years and years afterward,
    ” to work out ” because, as I have not only been told
    ( specifically by three men of Kerala,
    a state nearly full up of atheists )
    but also witnessed, because … …. she
    simply gives up and complies. For all
    of those so – called working out – years.
    ( Per, to me, at least a dozen University women’s accounts … … once they find themselves
    ” able ” to get here to the USA’s laboratories. )

    Flipped / Reversed ? Gender – wise ?
    I simply doubt that the working out
    ‘ld be … … so much. So ” happy ” –


    1. We know one couple in an arranged marriage. He was studying for his Ph.D at Berkeley and went back to India to meet her for the first time and get married, then brought her back to the US. We are still good friends and every indication is that it iS a happy marriage.

      1. I have a similar situation. Man finishing up his degree is told by relatives that a woman has been chosen for him. It has not worked out very well. There is a lot of tension.

  5. Super pictures, thanks.

    The fish the child is holding is a Nile Perch Lates niloticus. The introduction of this species to Lake Victoria is one of the worst examples of ecological damage due to deliberate introduction by man. Several hundreds species of fish endemic to Lake Victoria have gone forever.
    The disappearance of the native fish had knock on effects on the local people and their environment.
    It’s the subject of the film – Darwin’s Nightmare.

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