ZeFrank: True facts about the hummingbird

August 15, 2020 • 2:30 pm

Well, we’re out of photographs of readers; the tank is bone dry. For today I’ll end with a nice new video by ZeFrank on hummingbirds. It’s long for him: 12 minutes. ZeFrank keeps mentioning someone named “Jerry”, in the video but it sure as hell isn’t me.

Lovely video shots here, and, despite the mispronunciation, a lot of TRUE biology.

h/t: Alon, Rick

8 thoughts on “ZeFrank: True facts about the hummingbird

  1. I watched that last night. It popped up on Youtube. The algorithm must sense I have watched a lot of ZeFrank videos. It was very good.

    1. Someone should get David Attenborough to narrate Ze’s script. It might take an hour or so, but it would be just as funny, and the biology would come out even more clearly.

      Really — I’d bet Ze Frank has more biological content than Attenborough’s shows, despite his highly cultured & quite enchanting version of Beavis & Butthead-type humour.

  2. ZeFrank regularly mentions “Jerry” in his videos. “Jerry” appears to be the “documentary’s” writer, and faux-Morgan Freeman often gets a little miffed about Jerry’s bad writing 🙂

  3. He includes quite a bit of detail on the form and function of the hummingbird’s tongue. Not a sucking tube like, I think, a butterflies proboscis, but rather a pair of open, flexible, rolls. Amazing how it works.

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