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The good news is that I found my keys.  They were in the freezer at home; I somehow put them there when I arrived home yesterday and took some stuff out of the freezer to defrost. It’s a great relief to have them back! I should get one of those devices that fastens your keys to your belt, but they’re too geeky.

Today’s “wildlife” falls into the category of H. sapiens photos, and were taken by Joe Routon, who does “street photography” around the world (photos like these now qualify as “wildlife.” They’re great photos (I love street photography), and I’ll put Joe’s captions in indents:

Here are a bride and groom who had just gotten married at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, several years ago. They were at a nearby café, taking a break with some coffee, after the ceremony.
In Central Park in New York City, I happened to see these young Asian tourists who were taking a photo of a genuine American hot dog.

This is a barber who was giving free haircuts to the homeless.

This is what happens when you fall asleep in the shopping cart at Walmart. (NOTE: I got the mother’s permission before I made the photo.)
A skateboarder in Philadelphia.
While roaming the streets in Brooklyn, I happened to see this young lady at a bar, seated beside a window.

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  1. “Freezer”


    “ I should get one of those devices that fastens your keys to your belt”


    You need to leave a copy of the keys in the freezer.

      1. My dad has had one of those devices for years and then he puts his keys in his pocket. Still, with all that he still managed to flush them down the toilet.

          1. Yeah my dad’s keys with his Tile tracker and his smiley face keychain he got from me when I was 11 is probably in Lake Ontario now.

            1. The fish in Lake Ontario probably notice shiny things like that. Maybe it’s gone through the guts of a very large perch.

      2. Ditto here. Another advantage of keys-on-a-chain-on-the-belt – I am no longer inadvertently setting off the car alarm with my keys in a pocket 🙂

    1. These are one of the lessons I take from men – they are not going to ruin their feet and be uncomfortable. Smart.

      1. Plus, you can get some use out of sneakers post-wedding.

        Unless one runs in some rarefied circles, OTOH, there’s not much use for tuxedo kicks after-the-fact.

        1. I remember the horrendous bridesmaid dresses I had to wear (only once each) in a couple of friends’ weddings. I made my own wedding dress and wore it several times thereafter.

    2. “Dig the groom’s tux and sneakers look, man” – looks like he’s ready to make a quick getaway!

  2. Wow, Joe, amazing photographs. These belong in a show in a swanky gallery somewhere, including the Walmart one which might be my favorite if the others weren’t so so striking!

    1. At first I thought you were suggesting the photos should be displayed in Walmart and I figured “wow that’s either a weird insult or I’ve missed something about Walmart”. 😀

  3. … I found my keys. They were in the freezer at home;

    Keep that sorta stuff up, boss, gonna be time for one of those “person, man, woman, camera, tv” quizzes. 🙂

    1. What is it about freezers today? I went down to the deep freeze with some scissors to bring up some lamb kebabs from a Costco multi pack. I cut the kebabs and while rearranging the freezer put them right back in…Remembered in about 10 minutes…

      1. At least you remembered. I would have never remembered again. Maybe I need the cognitive test. I’ve been extra ditzy all week.

  4. Get one of those RFID or NFC tags to attach to your key ring. Not so geeky. Then use your phone to locate your lost keys. I have never used one but I suspect they work well.

    1. I should also say that these technologies only work over short distances so might help only if you lose your keys within your house. On the other hand, their associated apps might track the last place they were detected. Then there’s also GPS but that’s more expensive and involves batteries.

    2. I have a Tile on a few different things. I had on in my bag that I left in the student centre at work. That place is massive and anyone can go there, even people not on campus. I found the lost and found box using the locator and I found it in there (locked so I had to get security to open it for me). At the same time the nice student who found it found me on Facebook and sent me a message that she put it in the lost and found. I was so impressed at the effort she took that I went up to the Student Accounts area and put some money on her student account. I always try to generously award good behaviour.

      1. So are you a Tile fan? Sounds like you are. Are there any downsides? It seems like cool technology but I haven’t found a strong enough need to get into it. Like many guys, I keep stuff like keys in the pockets of my jeans. The only time I lose them is when they have slipped out of my pocket in the car. That’s pretty much where I look first when I can’t place them.

        1. I have Tile and Trackr and Tile is much better because the batteries last longer. They’ve also diversified their range of products so you can get smaller versions and stick it on things, however those don’t have user replaceable batteries like some of their other Tiles. I like the Tile Pro because it has a larger ringer and a user replaceable button battery that lasts a year. The app on your phone will tell you if the battery is kaput but you should probably check them every now and then (something I am terrible at). The downside is the app nags you to turn on location services and I have it set for only when using the app. Yes, it’s best to have it always on but I worry about draining my cellphone battery with location services always on.

          The app shows you where your device was last heard on a map and if you lose it, you can mark it as lost and whenever someone passes where your devices is, the two tiles talk to each other using a passive system and then your tile reports that someone has found it and the location on a map so you can go look for your stuff. With Bluetooth being much more efficient these days the range and the battery life is quite good. You can also ring your phone from the Tile if you misplace it. I think there is also a feature for your tile to squawk if you get out of range with your phone but I turn that off as I’m always wondering away from my various Tiles with my phone….handy though it you misplace your phone in public a lot (I did that once and panicked half to death and I was lucky again a student turned it in).

          1. Oh and Apple is rumoured to be coming out with their own tracking device so if they do I may try one of those if reasonably priced and replace some of my Trackr products.

          2. I thought some of them didn’t require batteries in the device itself. They resonate with a signal emitted by the phone. Perhaps that has too limited a range to be practical for finding lost objects.

            1. No they work with Bluetooth with the device transmitting. The range is limited by bluetooth and by the power output of the Tile. The Tile Pro has the best range. I think something like 400 feet.

  5. The Walmart picture looks like someone was shopping for new legs.

    Jerry, you should get a Tile and put it on your keys. I don’t know how you found them in the freezer. If I can’t make it make a sound I’ll never find it again.

    1. Well, I retraced what I did when I came home yesterday. I put a few things out that I carried home in a bag (a book and some papers) and then went to the freezer to take out a chicken breast for defrosting. So I finally went to the freezer and there were my keys. I am not demented, but I’m going to always think to myself when I come inside: “put your keys in place X.”

      I used to leave my car lights on and run down my battery, but now, every time I park and it’s dark, I tell myself, “Turn lights off before opening door.” (My old car doesn’t signal if I leave the lights on.)

      1. I too try to put things in their right place and for the most part it works but I find around the house I misplace my phone the most because I’m carrying it around and using it. Same with reading glasses.

  6. These are excellent photos! Each tells a story in its own way, a talent that separates good photographers from people with cameras.

  7. Loved every photo. I would hate to have to choose a favorite. Though that skater photo would have been my choice when I was a young skater myself. Sick! As they are wont to say. 🙂

  8. First question my wife or I ask the other when searching for a lost item; “Did you check the freezer?” It just seems to be the most likely place to look.

    Cool street pictures!

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