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Get your photos and captions in, folks? Who doesn’t want 15 minutes of fame?

Today’s reader is Daniela Quinsani, and I’ve indented her captions. Once again we have a reader with an avocation showing real talent.

I’m Daniela Quinsani, I’m from Brazil, but I moved to Minnesota, so we are almost neighbors now.

I’m a biologist and I started reading your blog thanks to my advisor from my Master’s in Genetics. He used to show me some of your posts and we discussed them. I’m very thankful to him!  It has been five years now that I read the blog everyday.

My first picture was last year, I’m with my husband in the Gruta do Lago Azul (Blue Lake Cave), in Brazil. This is in a city called Bonito, which means beautiful. It is a really wonderful place with caves, waterfalls, and incredible nature. You can see toucans in the city, and we even saw an armadillo in one of the parks.

In this quarantine, I’m reading a lot. Other than that, one of my hobbies is drawing.



28 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. Daniella, you are a wonderful artist, those are such good drawings. Tell us more about your field of biology.

  2. Wow, impressive drawings! (And a great photo, too.)

    “Who doesn’t want 15 minutes of fame?” – I got my own little bit today when the new issue of Private Eye dropped through the letterbox and I saw that I’ve (finally…) won the cryptic crossword puzzle competition. I haven’t had the cash yet, though.

  3. That’s why I don’t send my picture in. I have no talent and do nothing interesting.

          1. You can’t get behind any of my aquariums….all against walls. I’d love to have a room divider one if I ever were to finish my basement.

          2. You can’t get behind any of my aquariums….all against walls. I’d love to have a room divider one if I ever were to finish my basement.

            1. Maybe you could try to do one of those hazy reflected images in the aquarium, like the ones Jerry likes to take of himself in shop windows and doors.

              We’ve kept fish in tanks and ponds and it’s work and requires knowledge and dedication to keep everybody happy and healthy. Very nice hobby!

  4. Inspired by suggestions to our host from WEIT commenters who cut their own hair for him to do the same, I decided I’d try this myself. I was going to send before and after photos to WEIT as pictures of a reader doing an “interesting” covid activity. But I got so stressed over it that I forgot all about the photos! And it’s not as if it was particularly risky because my wife, who normally cuts my hair, was there to fix anything bad that might happen.

    She hasn’t offered me her services so I think I did a pretty good job. I just can’t figure out what the occasional snickering I hear around me is about.

    1. Heh. A few days ago I got so desperate after a shower that I grabbed a scissors and cut an inch and a half off the front and on the side by my ears. Life improved a bit. The next day I hacked at the lower rear of my head, where I can’t see. Things felt better but I could tell that things were not right. So the next day I got my wife to do some cleanup in back.

      Still not a good haircut, and there is too much hair on the top of my head. But it is more livable than before.

      But that snickering!

      1. Maybe you need clippers. I have no idea how to use them. My dad used some thing he got at the drug store where he sets the length and moves it around his head. Seems to work okay.

    2. “She hasn’t offered me her services so I think I did a pretty good job.”

      Either that or she’s too busy getting divorce papers drawn up 😛

      My hair is getting to the “out of control” point now. You know when it reaches that place where it’s suddenly no longer manageable? I can’t get all of the hair on the sides to stay behind my ears, I’m starting to look like I have a mullet from behind…

  5. “You can see toucans in the city…”

    For some reason, this feels like one of the coolest sentences I’ve ever read.

    If I ever go to Brazil, I am definitely visiting Gruta do Lago Azul!

  6. Great renderings! You do hair extremely well, esp. Hamm’s…tough object to draw/paint.

    Hopefully you can find some recreational caves around your new space in the states.

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