What bird are you like?

July 14, 2020 • 2:00 pm

Can you resist this given that the quiz—which of 22 birds are you most like?—was designed by the estimable folks at Cornell University’s Ornithology Lab. Take the quiz here, and see whether you’re most like a kestrel, an American robin, a bald eagle, a blue jay, a Canada goose, a chickadee, a crow, a goldfinch, a great blue heron, a great horned owl, a ruby-throated hummingbird, a magpie, a mallard, a mourning dove, a northern cardinal, a northern mockingbird, a peregrine falcon, a red-tailed hawk, a rock pigeon, a raven, a snowy owl, or a screech-owl.  Now this is just for fun, but can you resist?
The quiz’s notes; each question has four choices.

Cornell Lab ornithologists and educators examined the personality and behavior characteristics of 22 North American birds, to help create this fun personality quiz. Now you can find out which bird you are most like (or is most like you) based on 15 simple questions.

This quiz is a companion to AM I LIKE YOU?, a children’s book by Laura Erickson and Brian Sockin, illustrated by Anna Rettberg.

Copyright © 2016, the Cornell Lab Publishing Group. All rights reserved.

It turned out that I was a kestrel: here’s my diagnosis. I am single-minded and determined, I’m not particularly graceful, I do like to travel, I don’t like going to baseball games that much, and I am NOT tolerant of messy living quarters. So it goes. I still like kestrels, though.

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69 thoughts on “What bird are you like?

  1. I’m a raven! I’ll take that. Though I’m not at all ‘acrobatic’ …

    ‘Extremely intelligent and sociable, you love practical jokes and figuring out tricky situations. You’re devoted to family and friends, playful, acrobatic, and hardy. Even those who don’t like you can’t help but respect your many talents.

    About Ravens

    The bird often judged the most intelligent bird on the planet is the Yukon Territory’s symbolic bird. Ravens, closely related to crows, are acrobatic fliers, often doing rolls and somersaults in the air. One was seen flying upside down for more than a half-mile. Young ravens play games with sticks, repeatedly dropping them, then diving to catch them in midair. Even though sociable, raven pairs maintain a territory year-round and keep other ravens out. Many cultures revere ravens, or at least have created mythology around them, especially as tricksters or wise rulers.’

    1. I got raven, too, and it pleased me because I spent ten semesters in college and grad school (and a summer of study in Iceland) studying Old Norse, snf always felt a kinship with Oðinn, whose totem is the raven and who sacrificed his eye in his quest for knowledge.

  2. I got magpie when I did this yesterday but blue jay today. I think I’m more a blue jay because of the quick to anger and humour part.

    You combine brains, beauty, and loyalty to family and friends. Quick to anger when you feel threatened, you also have a sense of humor. Adaptable and unpredictable, you enjoy a wide variety of foods and communicate well both vocally and with body language.

  3. I’m a blue jay!

    “You combine brains, beauty, and loyalty to family and friends. Quick to anger when you feel threatened, you also have a sense of humor. Adaptable and unpredictable, you enjoy a wide variety of foods and communicate well both vocally and with body language.”

    1. Me too! I’m a mallard. Unfortunately due to travel bans I won’t be able to migrate this year!

  4. Mourning Dove? All about family? I must have tapped a few wrong keys. 😊

    Must pass that site address along to some bird loving friends.

  5. American Robin — I’m not sure I agree with that.

    But reading the description, I’m not gonna argue.

  6. Robin here: “Some people think you have a “split personality” because at times you are gregarious and extroverted, while other times you can’t stand to be anywhere near anyone except your family. You’re a talented singer with excellent communication skills, and you love to wander.”

    I agree with all except that I’m not a talented singer, unless the ability to make people plug their ears and say “la la la I can’t hear you” counts as a talent.

  7. Result: You Are a Mallard!

    You’re sociable and fun, and get along well with others, never joining cliques but happy to include just about anyone in your social circles. You’re adaptable and enjoy a wide range of physical activities, especially swimming as long as you don’t have to dive.

    I’m not sociable at all and would be hesitant to include about anyone in my social circle. I was also much better at diving than at swimming. I’m probably too weird for that quiz…

  8. Of the birds on the list, I have a (n appaently) mated pair of cardinals and a pair of bluejays showing up daily at my front porch feeder. Since most of the feeder’s clientele consists of sparrows and finches, the more majestic birds are a high point when I see them. I don’t, however, maintain the bird feeder for the sake of the birds; it is there solely for the entertainment of my cats, who sit on the back of my couch and gaze out the window with dreadful intent.

  9. Damn, I was hoping for an owl or a blue-jay, but something popped up called a “bush-tit”—maybe I was on the wrong web-site.

  10. I’m a hummingbird

    You are extremely energetic and athletic, independent, and strong. You’re not very good at sharing or playing with a team, but you accomplish plenty on your own. You can’t help it—you love sweets! You notice every little thing going on around you.

    I think that is probably about right for me except for the sharing bit. I am very generous!

  11. Apparently I’m another American Kestrel. Excepting, not being American or Japanese, there is very little I am less interested in than baseball.

  12. I’m (apparently) a Rock Pigeon, although in the description,”Extremely intelligent, sociable, and adaptable, you thrive in a great many situations. Your devotion to home is exceptional, as is your sense of direction. You prefer a vegetarian diet and seldom dine alone,” they really messed up the “sociable” part. I certainly didn’t click that I’m a social butterfly (oops, mixing metaphors), and for me the lockdown is a great thing.

  13. I’m a Great Horned Owl, apparently.

    “Soft-spoken and retreating, you often appear to be sleeping on the job, but are extremely observant and powerfully effective when you act. A loner who sticks close to home, you are tender and gentle with your family and keep in close contact with your partner.”

    I’m also the provincial bird of Alberta. And I occasionally eat porcupines and skunks. Yum.

  14. I’m all happy now. I tried the quiz again and today instead of being a Mourning Dove – now I’m a Mallard. Yay, 🦆👏

    1. It would seem you’re putting way to much stock in this quiz to accurately reveal your personality. 🤣

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