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This is the last photo in the tank, so this feature will have to stop, least temporarily, until readers submit their photos (limit two), with a brief description. Ideally they would show you doing something during lockdown, but it need not be that. Interesting photos of your life are fine.  If you have a cat, that could be in there, too.

Today we feature reader Wayne Hoskisson, whose notes are indented:

One photo is political so it may be a good choice. But it is important to me.

The first photo is me on a trail about one mile from my doorstep in mid April. Some years I will walk in this area nearly weekly. I live in rural SE Utah so it is easy finding some place with zero socializing.

The second photograph was taken in Sept., 2017. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Mark Maryboy, a long time Navajo leader in SE Utah, are standing on a highway with the Bears Ears Buttes in the background. Sen. Durbin has long been the lead Senator for protecting public lands in Utah. Mark Maryboy was one of those instrumental in developing a proposal that resulted in Pres. Obama designating the Bears Ears National Monument on Dec. 28, 2016. Pres. Trump reduced the Bears Ears National Monument by 81% on Dec. 4, 2017. I was fortunate to be asked to accompany Sen. Durbin on his visit to the Bears Ears.

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      1. Tribal reservation land is a different thing entirely, each of which is usually controlled by the tribe itself and only subject to federal laws in general. Yes, tribes were cheated out of their lands, it’s a terrible story.

  1. Lucky you, Wayne! Moab and points south are some of my favorite places in the world!! Let’s hope that the Biden admin can/will protect more Of the land.

  2. If we were looking for lots of view and no people this would be the place. Just Driving though Utah is fun. Let us hope people don’t screw it up.

  3. I was very saddened by what Trump’s administration did to Bears Ears. It’s a wonderful area.

    1. The Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Ute Mountain Utes, and Uinta-Ouray Utes filed a suit the day after Pres. Trump eviscerated the Monument. A number of conservation organizations filed other suits the following day. The suit remains active in the US District Court for Washington, DC. The final round of briefs have been submitted. It is possible the judge could schedule another session for oral arguments but that does not seem necessary. Whenever Judge Chutkan rules it is almost certain to be appealed by the losing side.

      If Joe Biden is elected he could render the case moot by proclaiming a Bears Ears NM with the original boundaries. I would hope he would do that. It would show that a National Monument does not exist at the whim of each succeeding President. That would be an incredibly ludicrous interpretation of the Antiquities Act. Congress has the authority to rescind National Monuments so the nation is not without recourse for the proclamation of a flawed monument. Congress also has the authority to rescind the Antiquities Act. I think that would be extremely unpopular.

  4. Obama giveth and Trump taketh away.

    Utah has some of my favorite National Parks in the U.S. Lucky that you can enjoy them, especially during lock down.

    1. Arches NP and Canyonlands NP were shut down until May 29. Arches had to shut down 3 hours after opening in order to prevent crowding. The spring was incredibly quiet in Moab.

      1. I’ve found that Arches is always overcrowded at the best of times. Much prefer Canyonlands and Capitol Reef and miscellaneous other trails that we can take the dog on.

  5. I live in Washington and the same thing happened when the parks opened- instant over-crowding. At least new information is showing that contracting the virus is a lot less likely outdoors.

    1. When parks often get overcrowded that can mean only one thing: too few and too small.

      1. Speaking of crowded parks, what really annoys me about Arches is that they allow RVs to drive all the way through the park, slowing everyone else down and blocking views along the way…

  6. ¡ Haaaappy, Happy Birthing Day tomorrow
    01 July !

    For you, Mr Hoskisson, deeeep breaths. enough
    sunshine and appropriately spaced cordialfuls
    of brisk, medicinal whiskeys made, o’course,
    with gooood waters.
    … … per Flying Hawk, Chief, Oglala Sioux, y1854 – y1931

    Instead of O Canada ! ( which I also like a
    lot ), here is Our Darling Mr Waylon Jennings
    with m’most ever favored and quite secular
    patriotic song … … in your honor: .


    1. Thank for the birthday wish. We should be thankful Waylon Jennings did not die the day the music died.

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