Jesus ‘n’ Mo (‘n’ Moses) ‘n’ validity

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “valid,” once again also show Moses, who’s spending lockdown with The Boys. Once again Mo dons a burqa in his failed attempt to show that Islamic doctrine, especially that regarding veiling, is essentially feminist.

The artist’s note under the strip is “This is literal violence.” I presume that refers to Moses’s criticism of Mo’s cogency.

And once again I’ll flog the artist’s latest book. Remember, though I wrote the foreword, I don’t benefit financially from your purchases; it was a labor of love for a “blasphemous” and courageous strip. Support it!

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You might also be interested in the latest collection, with a foreword by Jerry Coyne.


One thought on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo (‘n’ Moses) ‘n’ validity

  1. Whenever I hear the word “valid”, the Pythons’ “I would only appear in full frontal nudity if it were valid” always crashes into my brain.

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