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May 13, 2020 • 7:30 am

I’m busy farming ducks (we have a goodly crop this year). So here are just a very few of many photos (and videos) that I have. I’ll post a video of the battle between Dorothy and a drake shortly (Dorothy won).

Below: Honey and her brood keeping warm on a chilly day (yesterday). All 17 from both broods  have survived two chilly nights, but now the weather is getting warm and I’m more optimistic.

Honey and Dorothy are doing well, as are all the ducklings, but the two moms still swap ducklings, with Honey getting most of them, and Honey does chase Dorothy to purloin her brood. Happily, much of the time both moms have at least some ducklings. When Dorothy is broodless, she quacks mournfully, and it breaks my heart. Still, it’s better to have all the ducklings alive than to try fruitlessly to apportion them among moms.

What a good mom!

Keeping warm.

Mom’s always keeping watch.

There are few animals cuter than a newborn duckling.  In about two weeks they’ll grow their spiky feathers and become awkward teenagers.

The one-legged, one-eyed watchful nap:

The bill shows that it’s Honey:

Here’s an ear-examining scope (I don’t know what docs call it) that was in the room in the ER when I got my ear sewn up last week. You can clearly see that it was a sign of approval from Ceiling Cat. (My ear is fine, by the way: the ugly turban is off and the stitches will dissolve in a few days.)


17 thoughts on “Duckling pics

  1. The ear-examining scope is an otolaryngoscope. I’ve never noticed before how duck-like they really look from the side, though I’ve looked at them countless times.

  2. BTW: tool for inspecting hte inner ear is an otoscope (auroscope is also used as a name). Though I am an engineer, I have used them and own one. Great for looking into small holes and gaps, as it has coaxial light source.

    1. Not the inner ear, which sits inside the middle ear, which sits behind the ear drum. What you see with an otoscope is the sides of the ear canal and the ear drum.

  3. Nice photos. More sun, less cold. It has been very cold in the midlands for this time of year. We had over three inches of rain Monday and Monday night. Today it rains again.

  4. Is that duckling feed on the ground in picture 3?
    I doubt they will feel much hunger with such attentive care.

    1. It becomes drake food. The four of them do a good job of cleaning off the beach every day. Wingman seems to be tolerating (usually) the other two in addition to his buddy. From my observation, the four of them sleep on the far bank. They go into the water around 6:30 am. They eat and patrol. Yesterday, they presented a united front to the drake. Did not get confrontational but stayed together in a close group.

  5. Nice to see this pictures. The pond cam is interesting, but does not capture how cute these little guys are.

      1. nope. I went to work at 5 a.m. to ensure that I’d be there if it showed up. Tomorrow I have someone watching while I go grocery shopping. And I’ve made signs by the pond that show the bird and tell people to drive it away if it shows up.

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