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April 23, 2020 • 2:30 pm

Readers Steve and Jules, scientists in Hawaii, are working from home, and Jules sent some photos of how they’re doing this with two needy kitties, Ludwig and Eddy. Jules’s words are indented.

I’m working from home, as are many.  My “office” is a bit of a cave, but I can’t complain about anything else.  Here’a picture of me at work, with the “loaf pans” for the cats: Eddy is in the “long loaf” shaped box and Ludwig is in the “square loaf” box.

They really want to be near me, which is why I had to set up the boxes — otherwise they would be walking on my keyboard and prematurely sending my email and going to unexpected web sites.

Of course Steve pointed out they are “loafing around”.  (He’s down at work, using lab equipment for a time-sensitive analysis, which is why he isn’t here at the moment.)  When he gets back we have a box near his desk, “just in case”.

Do send in your photos of “lockdown” activities.

9 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. Cute cats! Eddy looks very like our own stoic Marcus Clawrelius (pretentious, moi? as I am always feel obliged to add), although it is Ludwig’s paw that makes Eddy look like he has white socks like Marcus.

  2. What a wonderful situation. Glad to see the cats can add their two cents to the work at hand. Looks very cozy-

  3. A very nice setup for you and the cats. They look like they get along with each other. Our two ignore each other for the most part. Even though we call them “brothers”, they aren’t in genetics or attitude.

  4. Boxes do seem to work. One of our cats has a box at the eating place. When she is in the box it is time to eat. In fact those little tray-pack type boxes work pretty well. A solid cardboard bottom with sides about 2 or 3 inches high.

  5. I also have a box next to my computer (on the floor; desk isn’t big enough). It gives the cat a temporary home when my lap gets up and walks to the bathroom or kitchen for a few minutes. Our cats have us trained well.

  6. You are a well trained host. 😺 I love Ludwig’s blue eyes and the cardboard “roof” with leopard skin paper in the background.

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