Bird opera

March 31, 2020 • 2:30 pm

Reader Merilee sent some of us the link to this “bird opera”, which is really lovely, using birdsongs as the voices in the Mozart opera “The Magic Flute”.

Here are the notes from ShakeUp music. You’ll have to click below to get to the Vimeo site.

ShakeUp Music recomposed The Magic Flute Papageno/Papagena Duet into a colorful Mozart bird aria. Listen to an audiovisual Twitterstorm performed by our feathered fellows.

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To see an original Mozart performance with Homo sapiens, go here.

My only issue is that there are no ducks. They could have ended the piece with one loud and rousing “QUACK”!


14 thoughts on “Bird opera

  1. I’ve always loved this aria, human or boid. I sat next to a woman at the Canadian Opera Co. in Toronto a few years ago who had recently seen a Magic Flute in Ottawa. Apparently when Pappageno started in with his pa-pa-pa-pa some slightly crazy young woman up in the top balcony over the stage started pa-pa-pa-paing back and hanging over the balcony. She had to be dragged back up. Poor stage Pappageno…

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