Saturday: Hili dialogue and année bissextile stuff

February 29, 2020 • 4:52 am

by Matthew Cobb

Jerry is visiting the puces at Clignancourt, leaving Paris for the northern suburbs. Hili is similarly making a quantitative change that turns into quality. Or is she?

Hili: By walking across this treshold I’m changing habitat.
A: I notice a slight exaggeration in this statement.
In Polish:
Hili: Przekraczając próg zmieniam środowisko.
Ja: Dostrzegam w tym twierdzeniu odrobinę przesady.
The Google doodle is an animation that marks the leap year (l’année bissextile in French) (click to go and see what happens):
Or you can take a more artistic approach to the leap year. Here is a leaping hare, by one of my favourite modern artists,  the late Barry Flanagan:

13 thoughts on “Saturday: Hili dialogue and année bissextile stuff

    1. That video is waaaaay too disturbing to be funny.

      But then what about this devious word, “bissextile”? Who’s trying to slip such a transgressive transsexual word into our everyday vocabulary and claim it has only to do with leap year and nothing to do with stealthily attempting to corrupt language in order to normalize deviant postmodern sexuality. It’s just masquerading as a number, in drag, as it were. That, I think, would be better fare for Titania to turn her investigative gaze on.

      1. Hi

        I don’t know your style well enough to tell if your remarks on “bissextile” are serious or satire. Either way, they led me to explore the Julian/Georgian transition and to discover “Julian calendar’s original reckoning of its quadrennial intercalary day as a 48-hour February 24”.

        Yippee! That’s my birthday! Naturally I
        resolved to celbrate it twice.

        According to Julian it was Feb 11, so sadly I have missed it this year. But in 2021 I shall enforce it. Fiercely, and with impeccable historical provenance.

        On the original matter, my concerns are twofold. First, drag is inherently and by it’s very nature sexual; second, look at the little girl’s face.

        1. I did begin my remarks by agreeing with you that the video is exceedingly disturbing and repugnant. I worry for that poor little girl.

          My remarks about “bissextile” are satirical. I’m a superannuated old fogey with a puerile sense of humor; that remark may seem oxymoronic and perhaps it is. I should have posted them separately, so it wouldn’t seem as if I was treating that video lightly.

          1. Nowt wrong with superannuated old fogey-dom. I only wish I were that young.

            And in such a state humour is essential (what else ya gonna do?).

  1. The NY Post trades in yellow journalism but it does have some great animal videos. These two on lizard CPR

    A gecko revived after drowning in a glass of beer

    Another lizard revived after drowning in a swimming pool

    We should all have lizard CPR training. Never know when it’ll come in handy

  2. Every 400 years, (e.g. 1600, 2000, 2400) there is no leap year as adding a day every four years is still not quite correct.

    There are also “leap seconds”. I’m not sure when they’re added, but it’s done via the World Atomic Clock. (I can’t be bothered looking it up.)

    1. that’s rather an odd thing, when you think about it. If God, in his wisdom, designed and proscribed the universe and it’s process of unfolding, you wouldn’t think you’d need a leap anything. God, if he has any real power, should have designed a more crisp and accurate mechanism – not one controlled by variation, such as entropy. Why not a simple continuous, steady, changeless, universal, clockwork? Well, I guess too many such questions lead to madness. Let the texts teach us truth and dogma. After all, we’re all Bozos on this bus.

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