Friday: Hili dialogue and Szaron monologue

February 28, 2020 • 5:40 am

by Matthew Cobb

Hili is concerned:

Hili: I’m very afraid.
A: Why?
Hili: That this picture will not be sharp enough.
In Polish:
Hili: Bardzo się boję.
Ja: Czego?
Hili: Że to zdjęcie nie będzie dość ostre.

Meanwhile, Szaron just jumped into Andrzej’s lap for the first time! And he has his first monologue:

Szaron: It’s true that it takes me some time to become tame, but who is in a hurry?
In Polish:
Szaron: To prawda, że mi to oswajanie się zabiera trochę czasu, ale komu się spieszy?.
Today in France the Google Doodle commemorates Marcel Pagnol. This much-loved French author conjured up the rural world of the Midi – the south of France, near Marseille – in the early decades of the 20th century. Some of his books were turned into very successful films, including Manon des Sources. According to Wikipedia: Pagnol is “generally regarded as one of France’s greatest 20th-century writers and is notable for the fact that he excelled in almost every medium—memoir, novel, drama and film.” Pagnol died in 1974.
Marcel Pagnol:

13 thoughts on “Friday: Hili dialogue and Szaron monologue

    1. He’s learning that laps are very nice, warm places; and if you’re on a lap you also get petted and your ears and chin scratched.

      But I wonder what Hili will do when she smells Szaron’s scent all over Andrzej’s lap?

      1. This is obviously not a wolf. However,should I meet this one accidentally I think my determination to bravery re spiders would seriously regress.
        What type of spider is this.

    1. Provided you panic in the correct Government Approved way. Raise both arms above your head, shake hands, as with ‘jazz hands’ then run up & down saying “oh dear, we are all going to die, at some juncture. Still, worse things happen at sea.”

    2. Trump says, “no biggie,” so almost certainly the opposite is true.

      We’re talkin’ here about a guy, after all, who took his sharpie and drew a bubble on an official National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration map in a ridiculous effort to try to justify his false assertion that Hurricane Dorian had posed a threat to Alabama — then insulted the nation’s collective intelligence by telling the baldfaced whopper that he had no idea how the sharpie-drawn bubble got on the NOAA map or that he had even noticed it was there when he personally displayed the map on national teevee.

      A guy like that — a guy who also claims that climate change is a Chinese hoax and that wind turbines cause brain cancer — how ya ever gonna believe him about anything touching upon science or health or safety (or any other damn thing, for that matter)?

      1. Wish I could find the article or interview I recently read (or listened to) that discussed this trait in Trump but I read so much stuff about his numerous psychopathologies that I can’t keep up with it all. The piece in question was discussing his narcissism and asserted that Trump doesn’t think he’s telling lies or being deceptive making alterations to maps to reflect his wishful thinking rather he believes that he creates his own reality and since he’s a solipsist, what we regard as “a ridiculous effort to try to justify his false assertion” (put that in the plural)is to him just a corrective to the false beliefs and assertions of others.

        He’s so sure that his reality is “the” reality that he argued with Dr. Sanjay Gupta about coronavirus I was going to say that Trump “had the temerity” to argue with Gupta but for a deluded narcissist like Trump “temerity” isn’t an operative word.

  1. Hili’s portrait today is very romantic. Soft focus can be achieved by stretching an old fashioned nylon stocking over the lens. Low light also sets the mood. I like it Hili.

  2. And in other news…

    Paul Krugman, in the New York Times, wrote about “When a Pandemic meets a Personality Cult”. The piece brings into focus the sad effects of electing a buffoon to high office.

    “The story of the Trump pandemic response actually began several years ago. Almost as soon as he took office, Trump began cutting funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, leading in turn to an 80 percent cut in the resources the agency devotes to global disease outbreaks. Trump also shut down the entire global-health-security unit of the National Security Council.”

    It’s pure ignorance and anti-science against a deadly virus. Guess who wins.

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