14 thoughts on “A brave act of defiance in Australia

  1. Airline should have a minimum check of one case. Single cans and bottles not protected. This guy thinks it’s BYOB when flying?

  2. Smells all wrong so I checked & it appears it was a planned stunt. The bit in the story about Qantas stopped him boarding because can of Emu Export Lager [great brand name!] is untrue, so no defiance SOURCE July, 2017:

    An Australian man who attracted international attention by checking in a single can of beer on a flight from Melbourne to Perth has been revealed as Dean Wicken, a staff member for federal Liberal MP Melissa Price.

    Mr Wicken, the current WA Young Liberals policy director, made global headlines on Wednesday after posting footage on Facebook of his lone can of Emu Export arriving at Perth Airport’s baggage claim for Qantas flight QF777 on Saturday.

    Mr Wicken, who was identified as Dean Stinson, the name he uses on Facebook, said he was behind the prank.

    “I’ve had quite the notoriety,” he said, declining to comment further.

    He told Daily Mail Australia he was skeptical as to whether he could pull it off after he and a friend had thought of the idea.

    “My mate works at the airport and we hatched the plan as a laugh – I half didn’t expect it to come out the other end,” he said. But when it did it was sent out well in front of all the other luggage, so the baggage handlers obviously appreciated it”

    1. P.S. Qantas rules re ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES

      What alcoholic beverages you can carry and requirements how to pack:

      Airline approval req. No
      Carry-on baggage Yes
      Checked baggage Yes

      Alcohol over 70%: not permitted
      Alcohol between 24%-70%: maximum 5L [that’s 10.5 US liquid pints you Yanks] per passenger*
      Alcohol under 24%: no quantity limit applies to checked baggage*
      Alcohol must be securely sealed in retail packaging [I assume you can’t open in flight]

      * Security requirements limit all liquids in carry-on baggage on international flights to 100ml per item

      1. I recall years ago we use to bring back beer from Germany but it was check baggage, not carry on. Small kegs, packaged or case of cans. This was not to prove anything, it was simply to bring some of that beer you could not get anywhere else.

    1. I know you jest but dont confuse domestic airline travel with international. Domestic you can have your peanut butter and eat it too, not so with international. Also, it is glass and you would have had to pack the hell out of it.

      1. Alaska Airlines was confiscating peanut butter last year — took mine and several others on a flight from Seattle to Yakutat.
        That’s domestic, even with an overflight of
        British Columbia.

        Probably saved us all from the bears.

        And no, not packed in glass — have you shopped for PB lately?

        1. PB ? No, I live in NZ which has similar rules to Australia. Dom flights here you can take your duty free etc as carry on, resticted to 5 litres. Yes I see, that seems a domestic flight, we also have a (at the moment) distinction between prop planes and jets.
          Number of pax seating, plus regional as opposed to national.

        2. Just another thought, you travel on that flight over a sovereign state, namely Canada and they probably dont want domestic US flights falling on top of them, hence your enhanced peanut butter confiscation.

  3. Back in the early 1970s my dad played the role of a British customs officer at Heathrow who confiscates a suitcase full of cans of Foster’s (each separated by carefully placed ice cubes) from the titular hero Barry McKenzie in the film The Adventures of Barry McKenzie. A film very much of its time and very un-PC, but it introduced British audiences to Barry Humphries’ alter ego Dame Edna Everage (though she was plain Aunt Edna back then) and to “the amber liquid”.

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