Saturday: Hili dialogue, farm rush hour and some nesh ducks, as well as other tweets

November 23, 2019 • 4:24 am

by Matthew Cobb

It’s a gloomy damp Saturday in Manchester but the house is clean and the weekly shop has been done, so all is well.

In Poland, Hili has some good advice:

Hili: I’m announcing a day without fake news.
A: How will you achieve that?
Hili: By avoiding news.
Hili: Ogłaszam dzień bez fake news.
Ja: I jak to osiągniesz?
Hili: Unikając wiadomości.
Down on the farm, the rush hour starts chaotically, but then something untoward happens:

At a Vermont duck sanctuary, the rush hour doesn’t go quite as planned.  (The description here is otiose and supernumerary, as well as being a spoiler, but watch anyway. The ducks are, in the parlance of the north of England, distinctly nesh.)

Two Poppy Northcutt tweets:

My kind of joke:

Sans commentaire:

I invite readers to come up with a rhyme like that of Dixon Lanier Merritt – “A wonderful bird is the Pelican. His beak can hold more than his belly can.” but applying this to the common coromorant or shag (who lays eggs inside a paper bag – Christopher Isherwood):

Molluscan magic:

The Boss likes sheepdogs, so here’s one for you, Jerry:

A “force” in the north of England is a waterfall:

From reader Dom:

Finally, an extraordinary dream-like video from Norway:


22 thoughts on “Saturday: Hili dialogue, farm rush hour and some nesh ducks, as well as other tweets

  1. In Japan they historically fished with cormorants at night. Flaming baskets from the bow of the boat to attract the fish, and ropes around the necks of the birds.

    And interesting about Force = waterfall. Didn’t know that, but it must be from Old Norse, since in Swedish there are place name ending in fors, pronounces forsh, meaning falls or rapids, like the Swedish name for Helsinki = Helsingfors.

    1. Also, clever with the Euclid books. For some reason Euclid is a popular place name in Ohio – Euclid OH, Euclid Park in Cleveland and Euclid Ave, for starts. No idea what started that.

  2. To accept your Dixon Lanier Merritt invitation, Dr. Cobb: how about Ogden Nash’s “The Catsup Bottle — first a little, then a lottle”?

  3. Those are some of the best hili-dialogue videos and gifs I’ve seen in ages – the snail’s eggs! the bird guzzling whole fish like Trump inhaling Big Macs! The northern lights!

    Add to that the ‘mouse-escapes-from-jar-into-car’ video from the other day and this is a great run of form.

  4. A remarkable bird is the cormorant
    To them skipping a meal is abhorrent
    The shag thrives on the slaughter
    Of fish under water
    More than alcohol nourished Oscar Levant


  5. Once, while travelling in the Orient,
    I saw a handsome bird – a cormorant.
    Diving with skill the calm waters of Guilin,
    From a bamboo raft its master was poling,
    It followed wherever its quarry went,
    And returned with a fish, to my merriment.

  6. On the “fairy tale” – how close is Jerry to the *south* magnetic pole? I suspect there is too much light this time of year to see the aurora down there, but you never know …

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