Update on Mietek the kitten (fairly good news)

November 11, 2019 • 2:30 pm

A few days ago, I reported on Mietek the Kitten, an abused and starving ginger kitten rescued by Elzbieta and Andrzej the Second. As I said, the couple rushed Mietek to the vet for inspection. I’ll let Malgorzata tell you the rest. The good news is that Mietek is alive and kicking (also peeing, frisking about, and eating), but we’re not sure yet if he’s out of the woods:

From yesterday:

Elzbieta phoned a moment ago. The news are not bad but they are not good either. Neither Elzbieta nor I understand everything but I will repeat what Elzbieta said:
A muscle was thorn and damaged (intestines are OK). The vet tried to repair the muscle but it didn’t go as it should. There was too big part she had to cut out and not enough was left to close properly. She took some membrane [???] and tried her best but she is not satisfied. There is a risk that the bladder could fall out. E. is to observe Mietek: if he manages to pee the prognosis is better. If not, tomorrow they have to operate again. Anyhow, tomorrow morning E. is supposed to go with Mietek again and the vet will evaluate him. I would prefer better news. Mietek is now awake and very hungry.
Things seem to be looking up with this morning’s report:
I’ve just had a report from Elzbieta. Mietek slept nicely, ate a lot, used the litter box and was jumping all over the flat in the morning. There is a huge swelling on his stomach and in a moment they are going to the vet for a check-up. There even is a huge possibility that they will be here [at Malgorzata and Andrzej’s house] today with Mietek. Elzbieta has to help her mother with something and she doesn’t dare to leave Mietek alone in the flat. I will keep you posted.
And the latest report a few minutes ago:
Another operation will be needed but not immediately. Mietek gets injections with painkillers and antibiotics. Elzbieta trusts this vet. I will forward to you pictures E. took of Andrzej with Mietek.
Here’s a picture of Andrzej with Mietek. After the death of Frank the Kitten during surgery, I don’t think I could take another kitten demise. But I’m optimistic about Mietek:
Hili is said to have been suspicious of the kitten. Here she is watching her staff cuddling another feline!


More suspicion. Fortunately, Mietek is getting along with his housemate Leon.

10 thoughts on “Update on Mietek the kitten (fairly good news)

  1. Leon was very interested and welcoming from the beginning. It was Mietek who was suspicious. But later he touched noses with Leon and now he is eating from Leon’s bowl which Leon allows without any problems. They both slept together in their staff’s bed.

  2. I hope mightily that Mietek will heal well. Since he and Leon get along and are even Eskimo kissing (Horrors! I’ve transgressed the woke code, it’a a slur on indigenous people), I’m sure that helps with regard to alleviating stress and fear and whatever other negative things he’s feeling, including pain, and being regarded as an interloper by Hili.

  3. The world is a better place due to the kindness of folks like Elzbieta and Andrzej #2, and of course Malgorzata and Andrzej #1.

    Here’s hoping that little Mietek recovers fully. There are lots of folks pulling for him.

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