Thursday: Hili Dialogue and Marsh Farm rush hour

November 7, 2019 • 4:42 am

by Matthew Cobb

I’m afraid I am VERY pushed this morning, so a reduced service, but the essential things are here:

In Poland, Hili is dreaming. Are we in her dream?

A: Can we talk?
Hili: Not now, I’m having a very interesting dream.
Ja: Czy możemy porozmawiać?
Hili: Nie teraz, mam bardzo ciekawy sen.
And at Marsh Farm, like Manchester, it is extremely wet, but the ducks and geese and chickens are all happy to come out for their daily rush hour:

21 thoughts on “Thursday: Hili Dialogue and Marsh Farm rush hour

  1. Thank you matthew. Very much appreciated. Always good to kick off the day here on the u.s. east coast with the essentials and then let things develop as the day goes on.

  2. Possibly Hili is dreaming of impeachment hearings which start live next Wednesday on a tele near you. William Taylor will be the first to testify live and in person. This stage of the game is the working class government employees against the privileged elected class. The ultimate question will be, can the republican corrupt senate hold out against popular democratic process. Either way the republican party is finished.

    1. “the republican party is finished”

      One would hope that the fairness inherent in the structure of the universe would make this so. if wishes were horses…

      1. Recent election results are leaning this way. Virginia is no longer a southern state. It is no longer a wish, it is real and remains blue into the future. I am sure that Jefferson and certainly Robert E. Lee will be spinning in the grave if they saw the homeland today.

        1. I don’t think they’d even recognise the modern politics parties. For one thing, it was Republican Abraham Lincoln who was running the Union and the Democrats defending the southern states’ rights to own slaves (I think, the American Civil War was not top priority when I did history at school).

          1. The republican party of Lincoln had nothing to do with the party of that name today. Same is true of the democratic party of that time. Spend a bit of time with history and you will know this. My reference all the way back to Jefferson who created the party known as the democrat-republicans would be closer to the republican party today. They were for little government and little regulation like the republicans today.

    2. “Things,” indeed Randall, ” .a r e. looking up ! ”
      Just as this woman is … … looking up
      (IF her eyelids were actually also up ! ) =


    3. I read that Barr is fiercely collecting his “evidence” that “proves” the entire Russian investigation was a hoax from the get-go and he wants to release the report before the Holidays. If he does, he’ll succeed in muddying up the waters like he did with the Mueller investigation. Probably too little too late by the time he releases the report, but if true, the Republicans will be spreading more conspiracy theories and many Americans will believe the bullshit. Who is the worst culprit in the destruction of U.S. democracy at this point- Trump, Barr or McConnell? It’s hard to believe how corrupt the GOP has become; it’s harder to believe that millions have no problem with the corruption, as long as they “win”. I doubt most even know what “winning” looks like. I guess no rights for minorities and women, no healthcare and a closer relationship with world dictators. Yippee for America!

      1. Mr Barr is an unconvicted felon.
        With his June 2018 memo, he was commiting “offer to obtain appointive public office”, a felony.
        He offered to protect Mr Trump (ie. something of value) if appointed AG. And he was appointed and did protect Mr Trump.
        Slam dunk case, meseems.

      2. Where does that Russia investigation was a hoax stuff come from? Sounds like more garbage from the Trump side that will not fly. This stuff works on the cult but that is not going to help any.

    1. Ze Frank is wonderfully crazy as usual but what’s going on after the video proper of the leafhopper ends — the credits are displayed, and suddenly, at about 5:09 there’s a split screen — half credits, half penguins, which he calls “rockhoppers.” A lagniappe?

      But the mystery deepens because Ze addresses his remarks on the penguins to someone named “Jerry.”

      I find no “True Facts About Penguins” on his Youtube channel and no mention of this very brief video. In fact, he has very little about penguins, though given the peculiar facts recently learned on this site about certain species of Penguins, he ought to make a “True Facts About Penguins.”

      1. I was wondering if Ze Frank reads this site. He could well have seen the links to his videos when Jerry has posted about them. And he may have picked up on Andreas Kay’s work who I don’t think has that much coverage elsewhere on the net.

          1. Five or eight minutes of Ze Frank on penguin necrophilia and god knows what else they get up to… Just what I want to see with my morning coffee!

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