Halloween: Hili Dialogue and Heather Hastie tweets

October 31, 2019 • 2:18 am

by Matthew Cobb

Hili could give Bishop Berkeley a run for his money.

Hili: I didn’t throw all this down.
A: Do you feel guilty?
Hili: Rather astonished that so much is happening without my participation.

In Polish:

Hili: Ja tego wszystkiego nie zrzuciłam.
Ja: Masz poczucie winy?
Hili: Raczej zdumienia, że tak wiele rzeczy dzieje się bez mojego udziału.


Heather Hastie sends some cat tweets:





For those too young to know, or who haven’t seen the first ‘The Shining’ movie of Stephen King’s book, the phrase is “Here’s Johnny!”


16 thoughts on “Halloween: Hili Dialogue and Heather Hastie tweets

  1. Good work Hili even if you didn’t participate.

    Nice job by Twitter CEO prohibiting all political ads.

    1. I’m hoping other social media sites follow suit, especially Facebook. It’s also humorous, in a dark way, that some GOP/Trump types are calling Twitter’s decision yet more evidence that these media companies are anti-conservative.

      1. Yeah, and its Zuckerberg who meets with Conservatives out of fear they will put the kabbosh on Facebook after Trump whined that they were left-biased. And not only is FB allowing political ads, they are not fact checking them. It’s simply a propaganda platform. I don’t know if Dems will use it for spreading misinformation like the GOP does, but maybe they should. AOC asked Zuckerberg if she could target GOP members as voting for the Green New Deal. Zuckerberg had no clear answer. Zuckerberg is a greedy coward; I very much doubt he’ll take the same stance as Twitter.

        1. I understand Facebook’s position. It would be impossible to monitor ads for truthfulness. There would be controversies galore. Whatever rules they establish, someone would be able to exploit them. Still, not doing any truth monitoring means the candidate who crafts the best lies wins. It think Twitter’s course is the only reasonable one.

          I would ban all political advertising everywhere. It’s only an opportunity to lie. In my universe, all candidates are judged in speeches, debates, and interviews with follow-up questions and/or analysis by responsible journalists and analysts. Of course, there would still be Fox News and its ilk.

          1. “I would ban all political advertising everywhere.”

            Yeah, I’m with Twitter’s CEO who said (paraphrasing): earn your support, don’t pay for it.

  2. Growing up we often had several cats … much different than having one. Love at first sight was a common event ending in rather serious engagements or, as above, the strategic standoff. Great entertainment.

    Is there anyone at this forum too young to remember how to fill in the blank?

  3. The Washington NATIONALS w o n ! Stunning !

    Two things !

    i) first time in base – a – ball’s history =
    the v i s i t i n’ team won every game o’th’
    seven !

    ii) a d a r l i n g distraction ! FOR the
    citizenry o’that T O W N ! Finally !


      1. O my, yes, Mr Mark R ! Thank YOU for this.
        IN re h i m and his attendance @ Game 5 ! Y E S !

        hehhehheh … …

  4. On one of the cat sites i visit sometimes ,shut up we all do it .
    Someone had carved a rear view of a cat into one of them big orange things we now see at this time of year ,including a hole where it’s bottom is .Don’t know how to post a link to it .

      1. I’ll try to find it.

        Meantime, Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween on WEIT without the PC goblins rising from the grave, now it’s the Unbearable Whiteness of Black(face) Pumpkins — minstrel pumpkins.

        1. So, let me get this straight, it is now racist to have pumpkins of any color except tRump-colored? 😉


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