Wednesday: Hili dialogue and tweets, some good, some sad

October 30, 2019 • 4:26 am

by Matthew Cobb

And yes it is indeed Wednesday, and that means that yesterday was Tuesday, no matter what I wrote here. Don’t believe everything you read on the Interwebz, folks!

In Poland, too, it is Wednesday, and autumn has well and truly kicked in. I can’t tell whether Hili is pleased or annoyed, but she certainly is:

Hili: And the whole garden is looking like this.
A: We will slowly manage to deal with it somehow.

Hili: I tak wygląda cały ogród!
Ja: Powoli jakoś sobie z tym poradzimy.
A sombre On This Day tweet from one of the most important accounts on Twitter:

A fabulous murmuration from the BBC’s Autumnwatch programme:

More bird loveliness:

Touching and sad – where is Mum?

These are golden pheasants, an invasive species in the UK (they were brought in for shooting in the 19th century, some escaped and they are now widespread. Very little is known about their ecology.

Yesterday was #seaslug day on Twitter, and Chris Mah posted this stunning ghost nudibranch. I had no idea.

Some medieval cat snails

13 thoughts on “Wednesday: Hili dialogue and tweets, some good, some sad

    1. Matthew described them as Golden Pheasants but I think that is incorrect. Golden pheasant is Chrysolophus pictus – I think these are Reeves Pheasant Syrmaticus reevesii which jhas a white crown and neck ring like these. The native range of Reeves pheasant is in China but it has been introduced as a game and ornamental species in the UK and elsewhere.

      1. Amazing. To my knowledge you would never see our typical pheasants here doing something like this. Nor would you see them in such numbers all together.

        1. I can only assume that they were reared in a hatchery and are accustomed to being fed by humans. Behaving in this way does not seem likely to be a very effective survival strategy for a wild bird!

    1. I was wondering that myself. I doubt it would survive without its mom. It was probably taken to a wildlife refuge, but then what? who knows?

      1. Well, touching, so long as Momma isn’t around (in which case it’s Run Like Hell, I think…)

        Joking aside, I’d be feeling very cautious in that situation.


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