Friday: Hili dialogue and Leon monologue and some tweets

October 25, 2019 • 5:19 am

by Matthew Cobb

In Poland, Hili has an itch:

Hili: Something has bitten me.
A: But what?
Hili: I don’t know but I hope my claws will find it.

Hili: Coś mnie ugryzło.
Ja: Ale co?
Hili: Nie wiem, mam nadzieję, że mój pazurek na to trafi.

Nearby, Leon is on the lookout for mushrooms. Malgorzata explains:

It’s an exceptionally “mushroomy” year in Poland and people are filling huge baskets with them. I got one basket full of beautiful mushrooms. Part are now pickled in jars the rest are deep frozen for soups, sources etc.

Leon: I don’t see any mushrooms.

In Polish: Nie widzę żadnych grzybów.

From Twitter: A glorious autumn spectacle in the UK


A Hallowe’en quiz


The ever-reliable Paul Bronks, sent in by Simon Hayward:


And a couple of sad tweets about the state of England’s chalk streams. England has 80% of the world’s chalk streams, but many of them are dying, because of over-subtraction of water. Nothing is being done about this by the relevant agencies, except to turn a blind eye. There is a one-man campaign led by Feargal Sharkey – one-time lead singer of Belfast punk band The Undertones – and here are a couple of his tweets, the first showing what has happened, the second being interviewed on the BBC. Remember that even if the water does eventually come back, the invertebrates and many of the fish will not. This is ecological vandalism – if it were being carried out in the Amazon there would be an outrage:


Finally, to remind you that the world is still wondrous, a gorgeous ray, filmed in the Caribbean:


11 thoughts on “Friday: Hili dialogue and Leon monologue and some tweets

  1. The Snaky Baguette – the ‘gill slits’ down its side tip it over into scaryland
    If browned a bit more, with slatherings of barlic gutter in the ‘gills’ I might change my mind.

    And here’s the Undertones with John Peel’s fave tune:

      1. And after clicking on your article, scroll to the bottom and click on another story about the streams under threat.

    1. Important wildlife habitats with a distinctive invertebrate and fish community. There is an interesting report here about the threats they are under:

      It is worth noting that in the UK we suffer a large wastage of water due to leaks from the pipework delivering water from the treatment plants to peoples homes and businesses. The water companies are working on this but there is still a long way to go.

  2. = = ‘Tis pretty much how it is that:
    I myself all season long happen to handle
    shoveling out the Iowa wintertimes’ stuffz.


  3. I sense a trick question. The baguettes are equally terrifying to the (largely self-diagnosed) gluten intolerant; yeast intolerant; wheat intolerant; no-special-dietary-requirement intolerant crowd.

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