True facts about the Sand Bubbler Crab

October 17, 2019 • 2:15 pm

Reader Vampyricon called my attention to this video about a crab unknown to me: the sand bubbler crab. It eats sand, extracts the organic material, and then spits out the sand in a series of little balls. Moreover, as Wikipedia notes,

In each burrow, the crab waits out the high tide in a bubble of air.

These are pretty amazing animals, and Ze Frank, as usual, gets the biology right.

12 thoughts on “True facts about the Sand Bubbler Crab

  1. This is exactly how fiddler crabs eat as well (same family), the little pellets they produce are just a bit smaller. If you look around fiddler crab burrows you’ll see lots of tiny little balls of sand/mud.

  2. Ze Frank is the new David Attenborough. Seriously.

    I don’t know how many times I wandered as a young man on a vast empty Australian beach and seen these little balls of sand strewn in intricate patterns everywhere, and felt them crunching underfoot, and not once thought exactly WTF they are.

    And for once, in a Ze Frank video, I’m not horrified at having found out (not like the one about how koalas feed their young, or the one about ducks).

    1. Ze Frank discusses they issues with all the seriousness an respect they deserve. He’s a Frank communicator. 😎

  3. “…pictured here with a coin so you get a sense how rich he is…” Love that. Reminds me of, in ancient days, having attended a seminar where the presenters were using a lobster giant axon model and showed a cocktail fork as a size standard.

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