Photos of readers

September 23, 2019 • 2:45 pm

Send in your reader photo if you’d like (maximum 2/person).

Today we have a picture of reader Ollie Nanyes and a short but sweet caption.

This is me finishing the Steamboat 15K footrace in Peoria, IL this June. My recreational activities include fitness activities and going to sporting events (football, basketball (men and women), baseball and softball (women).

16 thoughts on “Photos of readers

    1. Ah..yes, there was a time when I did judged racewalking but the right knee doesn’t straighten any longer. So it is “approximate” running and powerwalking for me.

      Here I was attempting to run.

  1. Good job Ollie! Your activities sound a lot like mine. I am looking for a couple of decent 70+ basketball players to compete in the national 3 o 3, so send them my way if you ou know any 🙂

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