After Frank’s death, his fosterer adopts a new kitten

August 21, 2019 • 3:30 pm

How about looking at a few pictures of kittens this afternoon?

Although Anna (the British human, not Anna the Duck Farmer) didn’t intend to keep Frank, the kitten she fostered before his liver surgery, she was shattered when he died under the knife; and it’s pretty clear she would have given him a forever home had he recovered. (By the way, it looks as if the money many of you donated for his surgery will be refunded, so all of it will be used by Feline Friends London® for cat rescue). But now, though the memory of Frank is still sharp and sad, Anna has taken on a new kitten, and for keeps:

Anna tells us about her new kitten, Pip:

Pip had a rough start in life, being taken away from her mum too early and being passed around, so we took her in as a foster kitten – with a view to looking after her until she finds her future home. This is her fourth home in the four months she’s been on the planet. Poor little soul has understandably been feeling a little lost.

Our two ragdolls, Lottie and Lola, have taken her under their wings, and they’re all three spending lots of time together. (Pip follows the two older girls around everywhere!) She’s a very affectionate little kitten, who needs a lot of attention and company all of the time.

She finally feels settled here, and she seems to be very relaxed. It seems that she has chosen this as her home – so we are very happy to oblige. She’s a pleasure to have around, and we’re delighted to say that we’re keeping her. She is now a member of the family 😊

Meet Pippa (and Anna in the last photo):

Anna and Pippa:


36 thoughts on “After Frank’s death, his fosterer adopts a new kitten

  1. I am very pleased for Pip. Lottie and Lola look very judgey in the background of picture 2.

    Very nice shiny metal & glass furniture Skandi style home Anna. Fits in with the L&L aesthetic, but now you’ve got dissonant Pip you’ll need stripey throws, a multicoloured teapot cosy & so on… 🙂

    1. Thanks Michael. Yes indeed, we’ll have to adapt the décor to reflect the arrival of our new colourful feline friend! (Pic 2 of L&L looking judgey was taken the day after Pip arrived – when they were quite content watching her from a distance!)

      1. I’m hoping [time allowing] for pics of L&L plus Pip to continue as Pip grows – Pip’s first snow & so on. 🙂

    1. Try searching Amazon with:
      CAT TOY BALL CHASE SCRATCHER & put WOOD in the terms if that matters to you [I think wood must be better – more ‘scratchy’]

      Anyway it’s a scratcher – the one in the picture is a quality wooden one with central cloth scratcher pad – only the best for Pip!

      The Bergan Turbo scratcher is a big Amazon seller, but the ball chase is plastic

      Catit cat ball toy circuit with scratcher is similarly plastic

    2. Yep, as Michael says, it’s a ball game when the balls are pushed around inside the gulley, and the middle part is a scratcher. It’s a winner in our household!

  2. Awwww she is precious and beautiful!! You can see your other girls just love her.
    So very sorry about Frank😥

    1. Thanks Loretta. We’re so lucky that L&L fully accepted her so quickly. She needs lots of love & attention, from us all

  3. “National Burger Day in the UK”.

    Eh? Having lived in the UK for most of my longish life, I have never, ever heard of this.
    Who makes this stuff up?


  4. Walking in on the meeting of the Mischief Planning Committee (on the stairs) was a move you’ll live to regret.

    1. Haha, yep! A very serious mischief planning committee meeting came to an abrupt halt when the paparazzi arrived…

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