Spot the ducks! (and two other photos)

August 5, 2019 • 1:30 pm

This one is dead easy, but I’m posting it just to show how cryptic mallards can be. Many people at the pond yesterday, trying to see the ducks, walked right by this pair (Katie and her one remaining offspring). Click to enlarge

Bottoms up for one of Anna’s ducklings, all of whom were dabbling yesterday. You cqn see by the crossed flight feathers that these puppies are fully airworthy:

And Anna, now that her offspring can fly, is molting. Here are two speculum feathers and a flight feather:


6 thoughts on “Spot the ducks! (and two other photos)

  1. It looks like the speculum colors might be different but it might just be the light’s reflection. Very beautiful.

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