Pete Moulton died

July 19, 2019 • 8:40 am

I was shocked to hear that Pete Moulton, a regular contributor of fabulous bird, mammal and insect photos to this site, died on March 29.  I don’t know what happened except that Diana MacPherson, who along with me was Pete’s Facebook friend, said he’d been in and out of the hospital.

I never met Pete but we had email correspondence, often with me begging to use his photos that first appeared on Facebook. (One time I sent him a photo of me on my knees, begging with clasped hands, and that did the trick!). He was always cordial—a nice guy—and his lovely photographs often graced this website. We’ll all miss him and his pictures, too, which he clearly loved taking.

Here’s a small selection of Pete’s photos on this site, which go back four years (go here to see all of them). His last contribution was on December 7 of last year.  They’re all birds except for one dragonfly.

RIP, Pete.


I especially loved Pete’s photos of pie-billed grebes and their bizarre-looking chicks. Pete was taken with them, too.

And a dragonfly for good measure:


My condolences to Pete’s friends and family, and I will note this post on his Facebook page so people will know that he had a wide and appreciative following here.

23 thoughts on “Pete Moulton died

  1. I am very sad to hear this. I remember his name in discussions, and I’m pretty sure I remember the wood duck photo – beautiful work. I hope these words help. My condolences.

  2. I miss Pete’s photos appearing on FB. It was when I noticed an absence of these that I went over to his FB page to see what had happened and was thinking that perhaps he was back in hospital. I was saddened to see that he had died at the end of March and it seems like it was suddenly. His last photo was of a jack rabbit he took at Papago park in Arizona on March 23 where he was asking for a specific identification to determine if it was Lepus alleni or Lepus californicus.

    1. I noticed his absence too, Diana, so thanks for letting us know. It’s a sad loss. He was and will remain one of my favourite contributors to Jerry’s website. What an eye the man had! His photographs are so evocative.

  3. So sad! I have used so many of his photos as desktop backgrounds. Love his bird shots. That dragonfly is going to be the next thing that graces my screen. Fantastic eye and great photo skills.

  4. How very sad. Readers wildlife photos is usually my favourite part of this website, and I’ve even grown fond of insects as a result! I have to confess that I don’t normally read who’s sent them but Pete was clearly very talented. Life’s a bitch at times.

  5. He had a great eye, and an obvious passion for his subjects. This has been a sad year for WEIT readers and contributors.

  6. Condolences.
    Makes me wonder how many that do not frequent this site anymore are actually dead.

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