16 thoughts on “Ducklings o’ the day

  1. No bore at all!! I read all your bird posts, especially the duck ones!

    Do you still have koi in Botany Pond? I saw lots of koi in one of your older posts.

    Say “Hi” to all your grandkids in the Peck Family for me!

      1. Oh, that is so sad!! I love koi and miss keeping them (no room any more).

        I sincerely pray nothing bad happened to them … but it isn’t like they can swim out of the pond, can they?

  2. So NOT boring! I, too, am a huge devotee of your Ducky daily reporTAJ! I love your concern for and tending of all things Ducks. If I were a duck, I’d worship you (well, assuming I wasn’t an atheist duck, of course, which I hope I’d be). Both the show and tell are just great, endearing, delightful!

  3. Read all posts every morning but admit I follow the ducks on Botany Pond like no other. Jerry – you’re doing such a great job safeguarding and feeding them – while keeping them wild.

    Wondering now, do you still find time to feed the squirrels that show up at your office window or have they stopped showing up there? I’ve been wondering about that.

  4. I don’t have much spare time these days, but I *always* read your duck posts, Jerry! Your grand-duckters are gorgeous. Yeah, I agree with what you said before, that this mom isn’t Honey.

    “My Honey lies over the ocean,
    My Honey lies over the sea,
    My Honey lies over the ocean,
    Oh, bring back my Honey to me!”

  5. I wonder if each chick has a sense of self, or do they, perhaps, merge identities and consider themselves a group.

  6. There’s a lot of development that goes on in building a feather. I’m sure. And unlike most tissues and structures, one of the late stages includes removing most of the plumbing.
    Come to think of it. you can sat the same about teeth – and denticles – which are also skin-derived structures.

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