Saturday: Duck report

May 25, 2019 • 2:45 pm

These are the last photos I took before I left for Boston; they’re from last Tuesday afternoon. I’m told by the members of Team Mallard that all ten ducklings are thriving and eating huge quantities of food. Enjoy a few pictures of my grandchildren:

Mom and the Brood of Ten on the beach behind the metal barrier:

They’re growing quite quickly but are still in the cute fuzzy stage:

I’ll never be able to tell them apart, just like Honey’s brood last year. But you can see how they’ve grown in just two weeks.

With all my ducks in a row, I have high hopes that every one will fledge come fall:

13 thoughts on “Saturday: Duck report

  1. Your care for these little balls of cute fluff is a proxy for the humanity that shines from your writing.

    The earlier published piccie of one paddling towards you with a look of intent was heart warming.

    I am absolutely sure that you would have been a great father of little yoomans, but I guess Uncle Jerry has to be it.

    1. They peep when excited (i.e, when swimming toward food) or when separated from Katie. They haven’t yet started quacking. One way to tell male from female juveniles is that only the females quack, but they recommend squeezing them a little to have them make sound, and I’m not squeezing my ducklings.

  2. I faithfully follow all your posts, but am especially fond of your duckies. As with yoomans, it’s amazing how very rapidly they grow and change. The duckling photos you shared just before you left vs those shared now are quite different.

    Hope you are enjoying your visit in Cambridge.

  3. Jeez, they are going to be adolescent duckies in another week or so – do they ever grow up fast.

  4. The head of the duckling in the second photo down is so cute. Looks like out of a storybook. So very cute!

  5. This time your adorable grand-ducks seem to be growing faster, since you’re not sharing photos of them every single day!

    If there’s anything I check for daily, it’s your duck tales (duck tails). They are a touching reminder of the wheel of life and how precious it is, as well the grave responsibilities of being a mother.

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