Readers’ wildlife photos

June 29, 2018 • 9:00 am

My friend Betsy, who is visiting with her brilliant husband Tim (he made me write that adjective) showed me several pictures of an unusual incursion of wildlife at Harvard University. Her notes:

When I left my office one morning a few weeks ago, I encountered two unusual visitors at the Graduate School of Education.  One was perched on the bike rack about twelve feet from the building’s entrance, and for moment I thought that this was some kind of joke, like a stuffed turkey that someone had placed there. And then it moved.

I understand that Cambridge has recently been invaded by wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo), so this is not unheard of.


11 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

      1. We have them around Berkeley, CA, and a few weeks ago, they were in my neighborhood, running around the streets. Not long ago, several of them were sitting on the fence behind my apt. building making their turkey noises. I couldn’t tell if they were males or females.

        1. This is a male, they have extra red fleshy stuff on their face, and on their chest slightly below their necks they have a hairy protrusion like a little course horse tail! 🦃

  1. We have lots of them around Here! They don’t attack humans as a general rule! I try to get close for photos and they just move away, or run, or take flight! 🦃

  2. They prowl the U Pittsburgh campus from time to time, too. Particularly hilarious was the flock I once saw in front of the School of Business there.

  3. I wonder if they eat the ginko fruit? Almost 30 years, and I still have nightmares about the smell….

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