12 thoughts on “Here’s the luna moth!

  1. I fail at the real life Spot The Luna Moth too. If it weren’t for porch lights, I’d never see one.

  2. Hmm… scale/focus is an issue on challenges like this one. I might have had a chance if the resolution in the “find the…” image was as good as the on in the final reveal, above!

    This one defeated me.

    1. The reveal picture is just enlarged, and you will easily see pixels if enlarged a bit more. The 2nd picture is taken up close. I also removed some tree parts so the moth was not obscured.

        1. I put the moth in the tree, carefully choosing where it would best blend in. But actually I did have some moments of alarm when I looked down to check the camera, and looking up I could not see the moth right away. Did she fly away?

  3. Wow, I started at the lower right corner and that was my very first candidate! Wish I’d stuck with it, but my brain was telling me there was so much more picture to go…

    Great fun, Mark, and beautiful butterfly. Loved the emergence story.

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