4 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ fury

  1. I’ve talked to a few of the “infuriated Christians” and from what I can tell they believe all three statements: it’s a shame that Christians have to be so peaceful, because boy, do its critics ever deserve to get it and get it good.

    Poor things have to content themselves with gruesome fantasies of Armageddon and hellfire.

    (I’m suddenly wondering whether the Christian God, like its followers, might be thought of as equally frustrated. He has Perfect foreknowledge of which sinners won’t repent and choose to love Him — but can He just start whupping all their asses right now like they deserve? Hell, no. He’s got to let all the individual lives and march of history play out tediously so it will be all fair and everything — “demonstrated.” Jeez. It’s infuriating.)

    1. Yes, and since it’s juxtaposed to Mo reading the Koran, we can gather that Jesus’ paper is the new bible. Hilarious.

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